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06/09/2011 05:51 PM

Human Rights and Involuntary Hospitalizations

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I found this very interesting article about human rights regarding involuntary commitments. Many European nations are starting to take the view that coercive treatment is really torture, and is not paranoia. How many of us have received a false diagnosis because of our broken system? top-human-rights-lawyer-wants-mental-health-system-turned- on-its-head/


06/09/2011 06:19 PM

I have only been in hospitals that were pretty good, and I went willingly But it's hard to say how I would have reacted if I was forced to go in. Given that my manias tend to evolve toward a violent theme, I think the odds are fair that someone would have gotten hurt, and now that burden would be on me. Outside the hospital, I only inflicted violence on someone once, and they had just assaulted me.

The fact that I can be violent weighs heavily on me. I take great pains not to become manic and to teach loved ones how to manage if I do. I don't know if all bipolar people are as cautious, but I don't see the point in traumatizing them with heavy-handed tactics. It's a good way to make them much worse in a very short time.

Try to be hospital buddies with mentally ill people you know. Arrange in advance to be contacted if they are hospitalized, and visit them often. This is valuable whether they are in voluntarily or not. And if you go in, you may greatly appreciate their calls and visits.

06/09/2011 06:24 PM
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capecod84, Thank you so much for sharing this. It's a good read.

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