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01/01/2008 03:46 PM

New question.. spending sprees???(page 6)

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Thankya! I did have a good day at work, it was rather slow but the day seemed to fly by fast... must be the mania! Im still flying high! Lamictal, for me, has helped make me think things thru, Im not so impulsive anymore. I do consider that good and bad things that could happen. Its like I got my conscience back!

Hope dinner's good!



03/31/2009 09:26 AM
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I had a problem of OCD with my spending sprees. It got so bad that I had to give my wife control over my debit card and check book so I would not spend anymore. I would go out and buy ink pens and underclothes every time I went into Wal-Mart. I used to have a huge box full of pants that I have not even worn yet. I would also justify going to town just to go out to eat.

03/31/2009 12:22 PM
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I have actually emptied our savings account in the past, we are just now getting back to a decent savings. I feel so much better when I buy things, even little things, as long as I am spending! I even bought a timeshare a couple years ago without my husband knowing... he was so upset with me. Now he does all the grocery shopping and when I go anywhere I clear any purchase with him even if its a speedway coffee, my sister hates this as she thinks I have given him too much control over me, but I feel it really is for the best!

Gotta love being bipolar... Sad

03/31/2009 01:09 PM
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I racked up over $20,000 worth of credit card debt during several manic episodes and have only recently paid it off. Since I know I can't be trusted with a credit card ever again, I now use cash or a debit card instead.

03/31/2009 01:41 PM

I did that in the pass too, now seems finish but can't be sure really.

05/27/2010 08:13 PM
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Oh my gosh ..mine is gambling.. Even if I win big I want to spend ita ll.. I need to stop and yes I sl I drop on crap that I do not need.. I also went home with someone, then I freaked it was on my way high days....My husband does not understand and he is getting tired.. of dealing with me...

05/27/2010 08:45 PM

I definitely experienced this before getting on medication. I would go out and buy any little thing I wanted, if I saw it and liked it, I had to have it. It didn't matter how many other bills I had to pay. At one point I was $600 over drawn on a debit card. Eventually it led to shoplifting, it was the thrill of being able to just walk right out of the store like nothing had happened. Thankfully I've learned to put those urges into other things, like being creative and controversial with photography and art.

05/27/2010 08:56 PM

I bought a computer, went on long expensive trips, Gave away thousands of dollars to anyone who seemed needy. That was over 20,000.00 Bummer!!!! Then I maxed out credit cards on computer software that I barley used. I was very manic for a few months.

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