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03/22/2011 11:41 AM

been really cranky lately


i just appologized to my BF today. I slowed down earlier and took a nap. when i woke up i felt depressed. The more i thought about things the more i could see where i have been off lately. i think i am working too much and doing too much that i get myself wound like a top and when my Daughter comes home and my BF-i act cranky and impatient with them alot when i have to slow down and be with them. I don't even realize how bad i am and usually do not take any reasponsibility. even now i am thinking about it, feeling remorseful but next wk i'll be right back to it and not aware when i am in it. I will be talking to my med nurse next wk about the hypomania-if that is what is going on. i really do think i have to make a contious effort too-does that work when others are hypomanic?? what do people do to help these symtoms in addition to meds.??

03/22/2011 12:10 PM
notmyillnessPosts: 253


(((hugs))) I get the same exact way, and find myself forever apologizing to my bf. I get really irritated when I have to slow down, too. Sad

The good thing is that you realize what you're doing. For me, that's the biggest step. Once I realize what my problem is, I'm able to sort of talk myself through it. I take lots of deep breaths, and explain to him that I'm a little amped up, and am really irritable. For me, being able to talk through my emotions helps me come down a little. And it helps him out because he's more in tune with that I'm going through.

I hope this helps.

03/22/2011 12:28 PM
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You are taking a step back and realizing what you are doing and this is good. This is a step in the right direction. Be sure you talk to both your boyfriend and your daughter about what you are going through and that you don't mean it like you say it. You are just having a hard time lately. I understand irritability, I get that way when I am in hypo-mania. It does sound like you may be in it now. What brought me down was an increase in my anti-psychotic. Maybe an increase in your Seroquel would do the job. When I get mad, I tell myself to stop out loud. I walk away for awhile and come back when I have calmed down. I hope this helps a little. I know it's not a lot. I'm here if you need me.

03/22/2011 04:47 PM
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Hi Jewl, I know exactly how you feel with this. I'm at home with my daughter all day, everyday and i just feel like I'm constantly snapping at her, and it really is awful.

I find that completely removing myself from the situation helps, like getting into the garden, fixing up and rearranging furniture, really anything that will keep my busy, because otherwise I will look for things to get annoyed at.. I've been so bad lately that I think I've rearranged my spare room about 3 times this week..

I hope you're able to find something that works..

03/22/2011 05:11 PM

thanks so glad i am not alone with this. yeah cleaning, organizing is my thing-it is when i stop that is the issue-snappy and cranky.):

03/23/2011 01:06 AM

I have been really cranking lately also. I have to take bc pills to prevent anemia and the hormones in them are triggering me to be moody and cranky. What helps me is to center myself by meditating. I use the 5 Good Minutes books. They have short, but effective, 5 minute mindfulness/meditation exercises. There is even one for couples if your bf would be interested.

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