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02/26/2011 12:05 AM

some quirks I have

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Hey All,

it seems to me that I have some interesting habits that I have been thinking lately could be related to the bipolar or OCD, so I thought I would ask your opinions Smile would help alot

1. So easily bored

2. Lack focus concentration and memory

3. Have conversations with people in my head as if they were really there with me.

4. Lack of motivation and will power

5. over estimating my abilities - I just picked up a second degree and im studying both by correspondence

6. The urge to always be working towards some grand plan

7. My mountain of debt (actually i know this is related)

8. Inability to truely relax

9. getting restless in the one place and wanting to move to new places reguarly.

10. Guilt over the smallest of things

11. Constant feeling im doing things wrong

Hmm this is enough for now, otherwise I will never get around to my studies Smile

Thank ya muchly


02/26/2011 01:05 AM
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I do all of these things too. You aren't alone in this. I really, really hate the inability to relax. I can't do anything to relax and when I go to even visit my family I'm on edge.

02/26/2011 01:37 AM
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I always thought no normal person will do or think in some of the ways I do and wondered what was wrong with me, but as I learn more, its all starting to make sense.

Thank you Joy


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