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01/17/2011 12:04 AM

i feel so stupid, but im just so lost

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hi guys,

i posted here a while back about my bipolar (now ex) boyfriend. It sounds so stupid, i know, but i really do feel like i actually loved him, properly. I feel lost, empty and incomplete without him. Yes, he did stuff that annoyed me because of the bipolar, as i also did things to annoy him, but even looking back at our relationship now, i can see that i was happy with him and i miss him like crazy! im struggling Sad

whats worse is that i dont even know what i did to annoy him so much. we didn't even break up on understanding terms. About a month before xmas he just started not talking to me, ignoring me, etc. I didnt hear from him over xmas and he was meant to come to manchester to spend new year with me. However, an argument about me 'supposedly' ignoring him since i was actually away from my computer made him mad and he said he wasnt gonna come anymore. turns out he really meant that. After not talking to him at all for about 1-2 weeks i was really missing him so our friend asked him if he was gonna talk to me and his response was apparently 'cba' and then he said he was going to go online, but told our friend not to tell me that because he had blocked me. i just had to take it after 2 weeks of no contact at all that he has dumped me. i really dont have a clue what i have done! his younger bro told me on the phone not long after the above incident that it was because his twin bro also liked me and told me that he had told my ex that about a month before xmas, when my ex started to ignore me. so i guess it adds up, but i also cant believe everything his younger bro tells me because he is a compulsive liar. id just like to add though, that his twin know that notihng could ever happen between us, ive even told him im still in love with my ex.

now our friend asked me out and attempting to try and get over my ex, i agreed but it really is nothing serious, but im afraid now that if there was a chance of me and my ex getting back, this may have ruined it. i just dont know! Sad

i really need some help Unsure


01/17/2011 07:00 AM
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Em, I don't know if there is a chance of restoring the relationship or not. He sounds like he means it and it's been weeks since he last talked with you. I would go ahead and try communicating another time or two, but to be truly honest, it sounds like he has terminated the relationship at his end. It may be time to move on now and look for another person to date. There is are others out there and someone else who will truly be right for you. At least that is how I see it. I wish you well and hope you will be able to heal from this.

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