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11/09/2008 04:03 PM

Do you ever have scary thoughts?

mariel24hPosts: 1183
Senior Member

Today I was making a sandwhich and a creepy thought came over my mind. It was very bizarre. I thought what if I went to my friends house and was murdered and put in the basement, how long would it take for anyone to find me. CRAZY CRAZY THOUGHT! Does this mean I am sick and need a med adjustment? OR is this just a random creepy thought?? Any thoughts?

11/09/2008 04:10 PM
Posts: 4743
VIP Member

i have random creepy thoughts from time to time so i am leaning toward random creepy thought but that is just my opinion

11/09/2008 04:37 PM
Posts: 31179
VIP Member

I have morbid thoughts all the time. When driving how would an accident happen and look like. People riding bikes getting hit by cars. It becomes a problem when I become involved and things are happening to me.

11/09/2008 04:40 PM
mariel24hPosts: 1183
Senior Member

WOW so I am not alone I guess.

11/09/2008 04:44 PM

When my meds start to wear off, I'll end up talking to myself(if I'm alone...) and those not so good thoughts. And then, I have to stop myself.

11/09/2008 04:45 PM
normaPosts: 10109
VIP Member
I'm an Advocate

no, sugar you are not alone. I have creepy thoughts too...I also have a very active imagination. I bet most people have thoughts that are bizarre. Look at all the books written and the strange plots in movies...they were born in someone's imagination...

11/09/2008 04:55 PM
Posts: 9

The question -- the one that matters -- is whether it's just a fleeting thought, or a compulsive hindrance or a plan. My psychiatrist asked if I'd ever contemplated suicide and I'm like, "Who hasn't?" It's like the (off-color, stop reading if easily offended) joke that 98% of men admit to jacking off and the other 2% are liars. I mean, it passes everyone's mind--doesn't it? The question is whether it's passing or an obsession and whether it lingers and interferes with making the sandwich in the first place.

Maybe this is off-topic, but I've had the thought of steering into the path of an on-coming 18-wheeler and then there came a country song that resonated with me where the guy singing sees an eighteen wheeler coming toward him and he thinks the easiest thing to do would be to swerve into it and he thinks about the other guy, how that truck-driver's just trying to get home and why mess with his life?

Thanks to google, I found it, Bruce Robison, "Driving All Night Long":

"But if I fell I'd turn my wheel

Into that semi comin

But I know well

That there's a man in there

Just trying to get home

And waitin up and worrying

Is the one who loves him dearly...."

11/09/2008 06:14 PM
Posts: 9229
VIP Member

Yeah, I have those kind of thoughts all the time. You're not alone. Sometimes I let myself go and have a whole fantasy, depends on whether I'm depressed or manic.

11/09/2008 07:39 PM
MacrinaPosts: 245

I am not bipolar, but I have morbid thoughts too, sometimes. Like, what if I jumped off the ferry into the frigid water? Could I swim to the shore? Or one of my recurring ones, especially when I was younger and mad at parents or then my hubby: If I died, who would come to my funeral? Would he? Would she? And thinking about how bad whoever I was mad at would feel.

So thoughts like that are something I think everyone experiences. I think Rebecca's litmus test about the difference between

random thought vs.

compulsive thought becoming a hindrance to real life vs.

an actual plan

is an excellent tool for taking a look at what the thought might mean. If it's just random, trust me, it's not a bp thing.

11/09/2008 07:51 PM
Posts: 199

creepy thoughts come to my by the dozen also. and sometimes by the hour. I will see things that set the thoughts off. Or I will hear a phrase, a song, or think a thought, or a smell will do it too. It is almost like a memory. Weird. Good to know it is normal Smile

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