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12/17/2010 06:37 AM

What are you following?


A lot of people say follow your heart, or stick with your gut, but it just struck me that my heart is like mush slowing going down the drain. I wish I could be more motivated for something, but there is no motivation to follow anything. At least with manic phases I can make a story out of a pencil sitting on the floor in a certain way, but this depressed agitated side of me is mind boggling and makes me wonder why I have nothing to follow. . . it's on the mind. So what are you following? If anything.

12/17/2010 06:41 AM
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I follow my heart, even though it leads me to disappointment and frustration sometimes.

12/17/2010 06:53 AM
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i would have to say my heart as well. It struggles to be heard at times against roar of my manic depressed mind but i know, when i make it through each episode I have my heart to thank.

12/17/2010 06:57 AM

The heart can't beat without the brain. (Unless you're applying consistent electrical stimulus or some sort of apparatus, and that doesn't really count).

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12/17/2010 07:01 AM
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I follow my heart because it will sometimes listen to the wisdom of others who are stable, and my gut won't at all.

12/17/2010 07:05 AM

I guess I'm just trying to figure what to follow since my heart seems fruitless and my mind, well it can sometimes lead me into troubled waters and I just am dying for that motivational moment to kick start my heart back to even a trotting pace would be nice.

12/17/2010 07:43 AM

When I am Depressed I follow my husband's advice and my Pdoc's advice as I know my thoughts are tainted and then I also lose touch with what my heart really wants.

12/17/2010 08:16 AM
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Ditto "candjdog", i cant trust my heart or my brain. I follow advise but have to be very careful as to where that advise comes from.

12/17/2010 09:22 AM
LisacomisaPosts: 906
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My heart and my head have conversations and come to an agreement. I understand when you are depressed it is hard to follow anything but sometimes if you look hard enough a little cinder is burning under the rubble. Find a hobbie you love and that stimulates your mind and try to engage in it when you are depressed.

12/17/2010 11:50 AM

I don't want to say follow but the bible's words lead me. They guide me and comfort me when I need it most.

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