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11/23/2010 10:13 AM

Can trileptal cause weird dreams?

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I have been on 150mg of trileptal 2x's a day now for almost a week, and I have had some really weird vidid dreams. I wake in anger. but as soon as I realize its just a dream I calm down. dont know if anyone else has had this on this med or any others for that matter..Blink

11/23/2010 11:17 AM
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I haven't noticed any weird dreams and I've been on trileptal for about 2 weeks now. I usually have really weird vivid dreams anyways, so I probably wouldn't be able to tell if its the medication or just me.

11/23/2010 11:52 AM

I wonder if all these types of meds don't cause vivid dreams/nightmares. I tend to have really vivid dreams sometimes and horrible nightmares that seem so real it takes me hours to shake it off. I try to lie down and have good thoughts, positive thoughts before going to sleep. I don't eat close to bedtime either because it seems i have nightmares if i do. I wish you well and i hope things get calmer for you. Good luck with the medicine and i hope you get some nice rest without nightmares from here on out....Happy Thanksgiving!!!

11/23/2010 07:15 PM
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I've been taking Trileptal for about a year now and haven't noticed weird dreams, but when I took Seroquel I had wild dreams. I think it's different for everyone.

11/23/2010 07:27 PM
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On trileptal I felt comatose.

03/08/2013 04:14 AM
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Wait for your dose/body to stabilise before judging a med for vivid dreams, most do it to me as my body/mind adjusts.

Mention it to your pdoc asap.


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