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11/05/2010 08:59 AM


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I am currently taking 600 mg of neurotin and although i feel it working at what dosage do you really feel the stabilizing calmness to your mood?

any feedback would be a great help.



11/13/2010 08:08 PM
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I'm sorry I don't know much about the drug, someone probably will. Take care.

11/13/2010 09:25 PM
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This is a link to information about neurontin, and it's psychiaric uses. According to the article it has an effect at 600 mg a day but may sometimes need to be increased as high as 4800 mg a day to achieve good results. If you feel like your moods are still unstable or that you would like to feel more calm, I would talk to your pdoc about it because it appears that you could need to have your dosage increased.

11/13/2010 09:28 PM
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I took as much as 1200mg with some noticeable changes but stop taking it after about a year. I was taking it but did not like the weight gain

11/14/2010 02:17 AM

I take 900 mgs of the generic neurontin, gabapentin. I take it before bedtime because it makes me sleepy. There hasn't been weight gain and it has me stabalized. It also works for pain relief in my neck.

11/14/2010 06:21 AM
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I wish I was still on Neurontin. It helped me sleep, reduced alcohol cravings, and definitly acted as a mood stabilizer for me at only 300mgs.

My new pdoc took me off of it without instructions to titrate down slowly and I did experience horrid headaches and petite mall seizures.

I hope with time it is as good for you as it was for me.


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