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09/12/2008 09:54 PM

depakote vs. lithium

maMONaPosts: 1168
Senior Member

help! my doc says i need a mood stabilizer. Which is honestly safer and better? depakote or lithium???

09/12/2008 09:59 PM
Posts: 2517
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Hi mon & welcome to the group. You know, different meds work different ways for each individual. It's hard to say which will be better for YOU....

I can refer you to a great website I found that details ALL the mood stabilizers and I believe anti-depressants too - tells you what the research studies have found for each one. I learned alot when I read it...

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09/12/2008 10:14 PM
Posts: 9

Welcome amigo! Cheerful

I have a post about both on my site. Feel free to look at it. It is a professional article and i noticed that reaserching helps A LOT. Anyway welcome and have a good night.


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