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06/01/2010 03:26 AM

Have you Seen my Words? They are Lost Somewhere

jennywrenPosts: 3196
Senior Member

Okay, now who has stolen my words? I just cannot find them anywhere!!! Sad

Would readers here expect Seroquel, Lamictal and Lyrica to be the culprits?



06/01/2010 05:03 AM
Posts: 508

LOL! I always lose words! I can't remember names, dates, etc. constantly. I hear the meds are the culprit. Must be I never used to be that way!

06/01/2010 05:34 AM
Posts: 110

Well, I don't think I have them, jennywren, since there aren't any extra words flying around in my head today! Smile

Seriously though, I lose words, too. I'm not on meds for bp right now. My pdoc says that stress and depression as well as meds can cause memory issues.

06/01/2010 05:47 AM

I lose words but my problem is I find words to replace the lost ones with but they are not really words! They are just groups of voweles and letters I make up that sound like another word! I will keep an eye out for your words! LOL

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