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05/20/2010 10:05 PM

Feeling like a fake

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So often I feel like what I present to people is so far away from the lazy person I really am. I'm energetic all day, then come home and all I want to do is chill. Even when I'm feeling good, I have this emptiness. Do any of you have success with counseling? I haven't been very successful with this.

05/21/2010 03:08 AM
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I havent been overly successful with counseling either, but i think i know why. I just dont know how to combat it. I find counselors are great or horrible. If there horrible and go through the standard questions like "how are you feeling", "how does that make you feel", then i tend to get irritated. If they are great and actually get into me head then they are usually too great and get so far into my head i get scared. I dunno i guess i truly am my own worst enemy.

05/21/2010 03:34 AM

Pinnacle, I think therapy is great for incentive, but we as a group understand each other comletely inwardly.

Terrets people have to hold their tics in all day, so when they come home to rest, there isn't any. They are ticing all over the place.

We suppress ourselves to look normal to the outside world, that is a very strenuous thing to do, at least you are going out!!!!

By the time you come home of course you are exhausted.

Don't look thru the eyes of the normal chemistry brain, look thru ours.

You have moved mountains, and you are a fake to present yourself to others in a way that does not need their pity, bravo to you.

You are very real.

And you don't need to use words to put yourself down, how about words that boost you up.

You are brave, confronting a world that doesn't understand,

you are strong, being active in that world

you are courageous, for doing anything with that world.

Bless you,

you are my hero for the day!


05/21/2010 07:29 AM
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I think a lot of people are energetic during the day to come home and chill. I don't know about the emptiness. It could be from settling down. I am not seeing a therapist at this moment, but am looking for one. I strongly believe that therapist help people in one way or another. You get to get things out in the open and suggestions to overcome them. Do you let yourself open up fully, or do you keep some inside. I'm fake all the time regarding showing people how I really feel. Well, unless I'm irritable, that's kind of hard to disguise with me. I hope you gain some insight and feel less empty in time. Hugs

05/21/2010 07:46 AM

I think counseling helps if you are honest and open to the counseler. I have not had the opportunity to have counseling but I am doing some Dbt work online.

I really would love to do dbt work but I can not afford it and the sliding scale place told me that I do not need it. I wish you the best and hope that you find something that works with you.

05/21/2010 12:47 PM
marisaHPosts: 357

I have been in therapy for 2 and 1/2 years and it has been a lifesaver for me. I have learned so many coping skills that really help me deal with life and this disorder. I think that finding the right therapist is the key.

05/21/2010 01:26 PM
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i'm anti therapy other than coping skills and some self esteem boosters but then i really dont want anyone in my head, its a scary place

05/22/2010 07:53 AM
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Thank you everyone for your insights. It is wonderful how everyone comes from a different place and with different perspectives yet we share the same illnes.

05/22/2010 08:25 AM
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I think the emptiness is a symptom of being exhausted.

I never have learned to trust therapist, because I know they talk to my pdoc. (the info is on my chart and pdoc can look at it at anytime). I love my pdoc and don't hide anything from him. I just don't trust people very often. Plus what I say is left open to a therapist"s interpretation which may or may not be accurate. I would just rather tell my pdoc how I feel. It's not like a therapist can or will tell you what to do.

05/22/2010 08:40 AM

Like you, I often want to come home and "chill" because I am exhausted after working all day and having to present a happy face to the world. I have had my problems with therapists but, I believe in the process of therapy. I just started with someone new and I believe that she will be able to help get inside my own head and figure out how to help myself. I hope you find what you are looking for. I am on the same road as you. It's not easy, but I think that we will get there. Feel free to p.m. me.



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