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08/27/2008 10:56 AM

Depression in bipolar


I was diagnosed bipolar with aggravated mania and psychotic The aggravated mania comes once in a blue moon. But I am mainly here about depression. I get VERY VERY depressed. I dont show it but i feel it. Its horrible. The only way i show it is if i write it, draw it out. OR tell someone. Sometimes it can last for mins, hours, days, weeks and once it lasted a month or two. Has this ever happened in anyone else? Does anyone else feel this way? What bipolar is depression in?

08/27/2008 11:29 AM
normaPosts: 10109
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Bipolar is a disorder of extremes in moods thought to be caused by imbalances in the chemistry in our brain. Bipolar depression is when the mood is on an extremely low part of the cycle. Symptoms are a depression that lasts for more than a few days or weeks. Please tell your doctor about it. There are medications that can help the symptoms. If you are on medication and the depression is severe there can be changes made that should help. Everyone experiences highs and lows, in bipolar disorder the highs and lows are extreme.

08/27/2008 11:33 AM
cirquepourvousPosts: 1710
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Hi - yes this has happened to me and is part of my so-called pattern. i don't experience the mania you describe but definitely the depression can be wicked - weeks. then for no real reason i'll just pop out of it (often bouncing to hypomania) look at the calendar and go forth.

so what you're going through isn't abnormal.

my doc told me that some bp's experience only one or two manic phases in a year and are mostly depressed and misdiagnosed as some anti depressants can trigger severe manic states.


08/27/2008 11:35 AM
Posts: 8678
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I tend to stay at the depressed side of bipolar. It sucks. I self medicated for years with diet pills and cocaine. I have a tendency to want to use when the depression gets too low. Which is alot lately. I have an appt with my pdoc on the 2nd and I would love to talk him into some meds that would hype me up a bit. I am scared that I will give in to the urge to use, I've been clean for over 3 years.

I hope that things start to look up for you.

08/27/2008 12:01 PM
cirquepourvousPosts: 1710
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yeah - i was heavy self medicator, remaing in denial until i finally got into rehab. congrats on 3 years - 2 1/2 for me

but my doc started me on effexor xr in mid-july and i haven't any unbearable depression for a month. downs and ups but that i believe will never totally go away.

you might ask about this.


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