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04/13/2010 12:00 AM


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So I seen my head doctor last week, turns out I'm going to be put on Vistiril for my severe Anxiety, Kalotopin for my Severe anxiety and Insomnia, and Lamictal for my bad Mood swings. I just really hope that I'm not too doped up to where I can't function and get through college, but I want to be normal again.. I remember those days of my past, but I never really remembered being happy, I hope that happiness will come once I get myself situated with my treatment. I just feel so helpless and lost without an answer. I pray they come soon.

04/13/2010 12:47 AM
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Your doc didn't put on the real culprits of sedation. Your body can get used to the meds your on quickly so you can adjust. I think you'll be able to keep up with your schedule.

04/13/2010 05:16 AM
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Hang in there. Lamictal takes a little while to work, but I think you'll find it works very well. A lot of people here take it and have good results. I understand your concern regarding being able to function well enough to stay up with course work. Just remember there is sometimes an adjustment period when in comes to medications and if these don't seem to work well for you, there are other meds to try. There are so many now that something will work for you. Stability is very attainable. I am not a zombie. I enjoy life and experience "normal" emotions and function well. It can happen for you, too. So be hopeful.

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