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08/07/2008 07:31 AM

Developing a healthy attitude

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I know I posted these a while back, but feel some of the newer members need to read them.

Tips for developing a Healthy attitude!

Be honest and realistic. Do not base your attitude on thinking things are worse than they are or better than they are.

Make sure you know the truth. Get accurate information about Bipolar disorder.

Stay in the present. Don't make things worse imagining a future with pain, disability or loss.

Accept your situation, but don't overly identify with it. Bipolar may be part of your life, but that doesn't mean it should control your life.

Maintain your perspective. Focus on something that brings peace, joy, laughter and meaning.

Watch your words. If you hear yourself talking negatively, substitute positive phrases. Say, ”I will find a way to live with Bipolar”, rather than “Bipolar is ruining my life.”

Try to relax. Tell yourself that difficult moments will pass.

Visualize health, not illness. Visualization is a powerful tool for self transformation.

Practice gratitude. Make it a habit to find things for which you are grateful.

Learn what you can control and what you cannot. There are things you cannot control, such as the fact that you have Bipolar. However there are things you can control, such as your attitude and what you say to yourself about having Bipolar.

Learn from Bipolar. Ask yourself what Bipolar can teach you about living.

Get support. Being with others who are dealing with the same issues can bring encouragement and hope.

Help others. When it comes to stepping outside ourselves, probably nothing works as well as reaching out to others who are struggling.

I feel like these are good tips in general, they fit most of lifes situations.


08/07/2008 07:46 AM
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Thanks Dreux; those are great. Thanks for posting them again, I hadn't seen them Smile

08/07/2008 08:04 AM

These are sooooooo true. I think, if I may, I should print these out and stick 'em on my fridge.

Thanks for sharing! Smile

08/07/2008 08:25 AM
normaPosts: 10109
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I'm an Advocate are such an inspiration to this forum. Thanks for posting this, I put a sticky on it so people will be able to find it easily.

08/09/2008 07:13 AM
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I think living in the moment is key... but hard to do mindfulness it is called i ran accross a few cool videos about this on this site but do not know where i am still figuring out how to best get around the site. This is so difficult... mindfulness i mean, i think i spend too much time feeling ashamed of things i've done in the past and dread over the inevitable pain in the future i must tell myself to stop, take a breath, and go wash the dishes or something like that

08/09/2008 08:03 AM
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Dreux - this was wonderful!!! I especially love the last one helping others. That is so true. It is the fastest way to get out of your own shit. Thank you!

08/09/2008 08:09 AM
zinniaPosts: 3990
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dreux-how did i ever miss these? they are wonderful statements...words to live by. thank you so much.

08/11/2008 07:42 AM
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Thanks--Exactly what I need to hear!!

08/13/2008 12:16 PM
kaj4lifePosts: 5

they are grest words now i gotta learn how to use them in my own personal life...cause right now it feels like its falling apart and i am so damn down its awfull

08/13/2008 01:40 PM
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Very good words to live by. Thanks

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