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03/29/2010 09:51 PM

anyone taking benzos for anxiety?(page 2)

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wow.. lots of different experiences.. thanks everyone for sharing!!!!

04/07/2012 09:50 AM

I take Klonopin and it really helps me. I dont

worry about getting off of it because before

I took it I was sooo much worse. Panic attacks are pure he**


04/07/2012 10:01 AM
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I was on 1mg of zanax twice a day for about a year and a half. I switched PDOC's last fall, he refused to give them to me. I told him the anxiety was going to drive me crazy, and panic attacks suck. He is dead set against zanax because he has had too many people that came to him addicted. He gave me .5 mg of Klonipin. He told me it wasn't as addictive and would last longer. I ussually have more than I can use in a month. It was like that with the zanax to. I hate pills I have to force myself to take my meds. Speaking of meds I better go take them.

04/07/2012 10:54 AM
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I take .5 mg of Klonopin at bedtime and 1 mg of Ativan "as needed" (which hasn't been more than once per month for a few months)

04/07/2012 12:20 PM
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I take .05 mgs of Klonopin at bedtime and I can take more as needed

04/07/2012 01:09 PM
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I have been tapering down on ativan recently because I was stuck in a habit of taking at least 2mg a day, usually swallowed down with alcohol, and I found myself anticipating getting home from work so I could zone out on ativan. Pdoc decided finally to cut me off, so I am currently taking 0.5mg a day. It is addictive and can be really hard to stop. As shameful as I am to admit this, I actually stole a handful of my mother's ativan the day after pdoc decided to cut me off. My mom takes it so rarely, and she has so many stockpiled that she won't notice them gone. I only took about ten pills.... but yea, that is the behavior of an addict right there.

As long as you take it as prescribed and don't allow yourself to rely on it to feel ok, you will be fine.

04/07/2012 02:20 PM

I take .5mg of clonasapam every night. I rarely take more than that, but if I need to I can take more.

04/14/2012 08:30 AM
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I've been on xanax for 2 years, .5 mg/2 per day. I went into crisis and took more than prescribed. I ran out and the withdrawal symptoms were horrible. Years of bipolar, and I can honestly say I have never felt worse and ended up at the ER.

My advice is be careful, take only as directed and call you doctor if you feel so bad you're tempted to take more because of the anguish. My greatest sympathies.

04/14/2012 08:48 AM
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I take up to 1.5mg of Xanax a day, and Ativan as needed. I am not worried about dependancy. I am so much better taking them, I have been on this combination for about five years, so I am probably dependant anyway.

I Would not make it through the day without these meds. I had debilitating panic and anxiety attacks before taking them.

Best of luck.


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