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02/10/2010 11:08 AM

Exhausted 'CareGiver'

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I am exhausted and at my wits end.

My BP husband is only taking one of his 3 medications (Zyprexa) - not the anti-depreassant or anti-anxiety meds. He refuses to take the other two -says they make him dull and fat.

He refuses to see a counsellor, and believes his negative view is the realistic view.

He is constantly negative and sees no hope for the future.

He does nothing to improve his situation. He complains he is bored and life has no meaning, but he does not want to work or study, or even help out around the house.

He is at times abusive towards me. Mostly emotionally (name-calling, threatens to harm me or posessions), but also pushes me around.

We are new in Canada in a remote town. We live far away from friends and family, so I, although I am the breadwinner, I have no where else to go. He has no-one else to stay with (no friends and his mother is in another continent - UK), and he would refuse to move out anyway. He has no way of supporting himself.

I am scared to be at home with him. He threatens that if i leave, he will destroy our home, pets and my job.

What do I do?

Whenver I speak to counsellors on my own, they say HE needs to be the one getting help, but he refuses.Sad


02/10/2010 11:20 AM

welcome to the forums! I too am married to a bipolar husband and feel your pain. There is a group on here for support for people with bipolar in the family: and one for spouse of bipolar : These groups have been a great support for me to know that Im not alone and a place to vent my frustrations and share our successes. Please feel free to join in the discussions there. You are not alone!

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02/10/2010 11:57 AM
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If someone gets the chance, can you read my discussion and give advice...I'm confused and not sure if she is bipolar,but I think she is... so confused... Sad

02/10/2010 12:10 PM
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Hello & welcome. This is a very supportive place glad you've found us. I'm very sorry about your circumstances with your husband. No one should be living in fear, you may want to go ahead anyway and see a therapist (pdoc) without your husband knowing, make a appointment right away. I want to reiterate what Pigirl has already recommended, the two other support grps you can also join, and stay here of course. My wish for you is that your husband gets the help he obviously needs, hoping you find happiness in the end of it all.

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