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08/13/2012 09:11 AM

bipolar and stealing

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I am 44 years old and have been battleing bipolr aor mood disorder sence a child. I recently over the last 15 years have been steeling from people including my very best friends and got caught. I know have to deal with the courts and losing all my friends. I have a husband and three chirldren that I have told them. Know one can understand my condition including myself. I took myself off medicaation many times and now I feel so alone. I know I have to face the conseaquences and im ready. Know one would have ever thought this about me. I am a wonderful mother who works but makes these risky chouices and what cand i do besides therapy and medication . pleas help me if you have any support groups or anything that might help me.

08/13/2012 11:30 AM
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Hello astec1 and welcome, this is a very supportive group. You mentioned therapy and seeing a doctor for meds these two are very important things in order for you to be proactive in your bipolar treatment, as far as any other suggestions i don't have any I wish I did, i'm glad you found this place and are talking about your stealing issue, often people with bipolar exhibit 'risky behaviors', I wish you well.

08/13/2012 11:42 AM
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To my knowledge bipolar patients exhibit risky behaviors such as stealing (kleptomania), pyromania, gambling huge amounts of money, self-medicating themselves with alcohol or drugs, driving recklessly, moving from one place to another without a given reason, getting involved in risky business models and many more.

Stealing I suppose is not a HUGE concern in bipolar patients, I used to have kleptomania and pyromania when I was a child, I don't have a bipolar diagnosis (nor do I steal or burn things down anymore) but I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

All of the risky behaviors that I've outlined above have a lot to do with impulse control disorder, which is included in DSM IV, and it is a part of bipolar disorder type I and II, and many more other psychiatric illnesses.

Hope this helps.

May your day be blessed,



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