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09/06/2010 08:54 AM

I am trying to sell Avon

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I am in know way trying to promote my business on here, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions on how to approach strangers and sell them Avon products.

I am really shy about approaching people to purchase things, and maybe it's because I'm so broke and really watching my momney that I feel like every person will turn me down because they're saving their money too.


09/06/2010 09:14 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16985
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I have that same type of self doubt.

I have four kids so I have a lot of clothes and things that I have sold on ebay over the years.

I've done pretty well over all with my experience there.

In the past I just have given it up because of my work schedule. I couldn't handle the time and energy it took plus work.

Well now I'm staying at home and I love it so I decided just about two weeks ago to start listing some things and I'm doing okay it's just very slow and I keep questioning myself about what I'm doing.

A lot of doubt comes through in my mental messages and I think you are experiencing something similar.

Like I'll go through an entire day and not sell anything and I get discouraged but I know it just takes time.

It's more of a personal venture an escape for me.

We do okay with our incomes. I guess I would like to stay home if I could even after I get my youngest in school I really don't want to go back to what I was doing and would like something else to earn a few dollars at or just have some extra.

Whether I can accomplish that through ebay time will tell. It sounds so lame. Like it's not something I want to advertise through friends and family that oh yeah I'm making a living through ebay.

I'd probably just not say anything-see more self doubt coming through-so what??? I have to let it go and just think positive. Not take everything so serious and accept life as it is.

I wish you luck.

I'm happy to listen to your feelings about it and progress.

It's a holiday so you probably won't be selling today but do you have plans this week to try to do any selling?

Do you have what you need?

I know at work there were always people that would leave their books around in the break room etc?

I'm not sure if you have a marketing strategy or not?

I'm really not a business oriented person so it can be a mixed bag-some parts can be kind of fun others really boring and I can't get into it-like a business plan forget it.

I get creative ideas about what might sell and what time of year it might sell-that's about it at this point.

I like to buy on ebay from time to time also it's great to get a good bargain on something used that you don't necessarily need new so I try to pay back also what I myself earn. So much of what I have done is more like online trading.

I have probably bought almost as much as I have sold over the years. I can also use money from the Paypal account to buy shoes at one of the places I have purchased shoes for the kids so it's like selling their old and buying new so it really makes sense when you have four kids.


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09/15/2010 04:18 PM
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I love to sell things. I can tell you that you should buy books and lay them around in places/breakrooms at offices/grocery stores, etc. with your phone number on there. Give them to friends to take to their work. Tell them, no pressure, but would they mind taking them to work to just let people look at the new products, etc. Also, if you can see one thing that is attractive on a person, let them know. If they have an attractive smile...tell them and let them know you have some beautiful lipsticks to enhance that smile!!!!!!! lol Smile And hey damsel....I wish I knew how to sell on ebay...

09/15/2010 05:04 PM
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Thanks for the suggestions. Since I live on post I have just started to hang some of the brochures on the doorknobs of several different homes. I leave a couple booklets whenever I have to go the laundromat too.

And I'm with you lollipop - I wish I knew how to sell on ebay. I'm not always patient so waiting for someone to bid drives me crazy. Tongue

09/15/2010 09:19 PM
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I think you should print out some flyers and post them EVERYWHERE that you can. In this economy, people want value, so figure out what products you have that present a real value and promote those. Think about shipping costs--which they would pay if they ordered online. I would say to TELL EVERYONE that you are selling Avon. Are there parties friends of yours can host to get free stuff? If so, you should ask. You can say "Please don't do this unless you are comfortable with it, but..." Feel free to try out any sales pitches on me in PMs, and I will give you my honest opinion and support!

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