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04/12/2012 09:12 PM

Does he sound possibly bipolar?

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I started seeing this guy last month, and he started ignoring me on the 24th and I thought it was because of something I said that he didn't like. He did start ignoring me not long after that. Then on Sunday, he replied to me again. The first reply was not well... in response to me telling him I missed him and hoped he was well.

He ended up telling me a story about why he didnt respond to me for so long. It had nothing to do with me, and he said I didn't scare him. Yet during that time, he blocked me from facebook. Maybe because my cousin emailed him and called him a name because he also flaked on me the nite he started ignoring me. Anyway,I don't know if his story was true but it could be a lie. It sounds like it could be bull. But I didnt know if it was true or not, and I have feelings for him so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I had just missed him.

So he also told me he had wanted me to be his girlfriend and he missed me. So I told him to come see me and he did but he said he couldn't stay long. He shares the car he drove and said he had to get it back for them. And I guess that was true. I did think back on the way he acted when I asked when I would see him again, and he said something I dont remember now, but he didn't finish his sentence and when I asked him about what he started to say, he said I could see him when I want. I asked when he wanted to but I dont remember what he said. He asked what I was doing that day and the next and said he was busy Monday. He didn't try to make plans with me. And he had told me he has a surprise for me for after my bday. My birthday is in a few weeks. He said it was related to a tattoo he has.

Anyway, I kissed him before he left and he kissed me back. And told me he missed me. I had offered to call and wake him up and he also told me to call him after I offered, so I did and he didnt answer and emailed me and told me he was up and that he couldnt talk, he was at the record label he was going to. That was the last I heard from him, and that was Monday morning. He won't reply to me once again and I already went thru this before for 2 weeks. Then he barely comes back for a night and disappears again. I have ran thru all possible scenarios in my head like, is he not interested and doesn't know how to tell me. But would that make sense given what I have said?

It made possible sense to my roommate. This guy wanted to date me before I liked him like that,too. And during that time, he did say he wasn't necessarily looking to settle down and he wanted to take things slow. He also seemed to back off or be colder when I started showing interest, but he said it wasnt like that, that it was things in his life. The first nite we hung out together as more than friends was wonderful and he claimed to feel it was special. Two nights later, we had sex so I have wondered if that could have been all he wanted even though he said afterward that he believed he could fall for me and wanted to keep seeing me. The day after that was when he started ignoring me.

It's weird and of course I am confused. What do you guys think? He told me before that he wondered if his brother was bipolar. I dont know his brother muchless if he is bipolar, and even if he is, I know that of course doesn't mean the guy I was seeing has it. I wish I knew where he lives so I could go talk to him, but he only came here and no, I know he is not married. I know that he is staying with his Mom and siblings right now.


04/14/2012 09:59 AM
chelle005Posts: 2462
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you have only been dating a month.That is what dating is, seeing if you like the person,like the way they treat you or don't treat you. Can they be a mate or spouse for life. if not move on. Are these patterns you want for a life time?

We are not docs, can not diagnose

04/14/2012 11:37 AM
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I am not a dr

and I don't play one on TV.

I am a grandmathatknowsomeshit

He didnt want you to see his FB ?

What was he hiding ?

This looks like the chick he was seeing tossed him

and he is looking for a stand by.

move on.

he has not shown you respect





trust me when i tell you

what you see, is what you get.

toss this fish back into the pond

hes a *throw back*.


04/14/2012 08:13 PM
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To me, it doesn't sound like this guy was bipolar but I am not a psychiatrist nor a therapist and cannot diagnose. In my opinion, it sounds and appears that this was just a way to have sex. It doesn't even appear that he had much interest other than that. You deserve more. You deserve to be respected more. It's hard when we attach feelings and emotions and the other individual does not reciprocate. Personally, I would look for someone who is going to treat you like a princess. Once again, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

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