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03/28/2012 07:17 AM

wednesday thread

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hump day.

we are half way there.



03/28/2012 12:20 PM
CatbalooPosts: 6811
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HOPe everyone's having a happy Wednesday.

03/28/2012 01:22 PM
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I've had a great Wednesday so far! One of my great students who stopped coming to class for a week--she had emailed me that she was having mental health issues and bad reactions to medications--came into my office to apologize profusely for missing classes and she asked for extra work to make up for absences. I told her this was all very familiar territory for me: we talked about managing stress, etc., and I said, glancing at my gradebook, "jeepers, I must have forgotten to take attendance that week, so I'm going to assume that you really were in class--no extra work, just get through the semester...." Glad that my experience of an upsidedowninsideout home life could ease some of her troubles.

Oh, and my youngest had a kickass report card (despite all the turmoil at home).

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