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03/07/2012 08:37 PM

Upside to Divorce--book--find on amazon

thewarisoverPosts: 314

I am in the middle of separation/divorce.

I have been struggling with finding a book that is for overcoming a bipolar spouse divorce? does it exist??

besides this book on divorce, any other books out there for help with surviving this divorce?

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03/08/2012 11:27 PM
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Thank you for sharing this. I am now going through a divorce, we have been separated for over 3 months now and have 4 children. I feel like the caged bird that has been set free. I just need to learn how to navigate.

03/09/2012 08:48 AM

Going through it right now....$400k in attorneys fees between both of us because she just cant let it go and uses attorneys to let me know how evil I am. Waste of money....but there is no price for freedom and happiness. I miss my old wife...the one I married, but there person she has become is pure evil!!!!! Hopefully a few more months and thats it. The nice thing is my son is 22 yo so I will not have to deal with her when its over.

Someone wrote an article years about divorcing a bipolar and that you will be in for the fight of your life! They are equipted to deal with the dirty fight...the lies...the revenge..we on the other hand are not prepared to take someone through the mud. Sooooo, just be ready to be accused of the most rediculous accusations you have ever heard off.


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03/09/2012 10:19 PM
thewarisoverPosts: 314


I feel like i am going to snap. this week i have had more contact with my husband than in two months. he is now dragging his feet but doesnt know what he wants. he says he will take care of me financially but he is afraid i will tell people what i know and he will be kicked out of the military. he is the one that is a fraud but its my responsibility to keep his job. hell i dont care anymore.

i hate the stagnant life i have. some days i think ill just snap and start packing boxes to move WHERE? since i am military i have to pick a new place, ive been around following the military for 13yrs. I dont know how to be ME.

It sucks, he doesnt ask to come back and I dont ask him to come back. But its like part of him wants out cause of his illness and he knows it will destroy me but the other half just is lazy and doesnt want to deal with the consequences of what he has done to me.

Oh well I am so trying to get ME together. It is so hard. I loved him dearly but I want a light bulb to come on and just say MOVE.

Of course I am trying to get papers done and my attorney said CAN YOU WAIT TWO WEEKS? Im like OMG. He is bipolar, if he decides to settle this week I HAVE TO JUMP ON IT. But then again I want to have myself taken care of.

It sucks.

03/09/2012 10:21 PM
thewarisoverPosts: 314


Please tell me how you do it? I want so badly to stop trying to figure him out or be reactive to him. I dont want to feel like I need him. Its crazy. Im unemployed, will need to decide to move away from military life, start over, no kids, second marriage, its all too much.


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