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11/26/2011 09:16 AM

Relapse now,(page 2)

sososad51Posts: 2390
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Lplp, I hope she the hospital helps her and she gets stabilized soon. Take this time to gather yourself and get some peace. I'm sorry this is happening. Take care of yourself.

11/26/2011 10:44 AM
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do whatever it takes

to protect your children

and keep them safe.

that involves taking care of you first.

warrior up

and go to therapy.

eat well

sleep. get help with this from your dr

if you need to.

stay strong.


i know the load it and take it to the dump thing all too well.


the electric thing.

the fridge had to go.

all that.

the electricity had to be shut off

for reasons that were irrational.

i understand.

12/01/2011 04:23 PM
Posts: 33

To update, her parents brought her here to the house on monday, i asked what kind of medication are you on, and why are you here, i asked her parents if they saw a difference in house from when they were here on the sunday trying to get her help , they said no difference in the way house looks,, i laughed at them and said get out,, she started to yell at me and say you better listen ,, i said i have to go to work ,she was loosing self control and getting very angry and agitated, she said that she was going to leave and give me the house and kids ,, i said fine and when, she said i need a month ,, o.k. no problem ,, she started to accuse me of ridulocous things ,so i jsut left and did not start no argument, about 3 hours later i get a call from the police ,they said your wife called and said there was a domestic dispute and we want to know your side,, i said i am not even there and she had just gotten out of the hosptal and she said she was moving out and she was trying to start a fight with me so i left, he said that he knew the situation and knew of the health problems and childrens aid involved ,he told me he asked her to leave the house asap,she told them she would need a day or two, . i come home and find all things off the walls and things packed ,i guess she is taking whatever and i dont care ,, but it has been a week now and i dont see anything happening ,, kids are in counselling and hopefully we can get through this without them to messed up, feeling good and feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders big time,, just awkard having her here knowing how she feels about me and still not seeing what she has lost by fighting this dam disease so bad ,hopefully she can reconnect with kids in future like i told them but not sure if it will really happen .see the lawyer friday ,, over .

12/01/2011 10:16 PM
Posts: 50

Stay strong lplp, glad that weight has lifted for you, keep the faith and keep moving forward for yourself and those kiddos!

12/02/2011 11:52 AM
Posts: 959

Sorry for your pain. So,she is still not taking med's after the last hospital visit and all?

And she is there again ? So so hard. Please be proactive with getting couciling.

12/08/2011 10:33 AM
Posts: 33

Well things are still being packed and things are in garage, nothing on walls as she is taking everything and not going to stop it ,take whatever who cares ,that can be replaced in minutes.. she is on abilify, apo compizine(something like that) effexxor , ativan and thyroid meds ,and something to make her sleep, she was not properly diaganosed again, unless she is liying to everyone ,she is saying anxiety and stress and blaming me ,police asked her to move out over a week ago and she needed more time ,no hurry i guess ,i have put up with it for so long now and it was not like we were in any kind of relationship anyways ,, seperate sleeping for over a year now ,, she says she is looking for a job but i dont see that happening , talks on the phone all the time , cleans house constantly but not wrecking it this time , kids are in counselling and she doesnt care about it ,myself i am going ,next week is my seperate one and will be saying finished with wife now and need to move on ,everytime i come home i pray there is a moving truck at house but no such luck yet,, kids are doing o.k. to a point as they have lived with this for so long ,they dont know any better(sad part) , she just wants to be on her own ,which is fine as i need to move on also, i have been reading also the episodes get closer together with age and hopefully next time she is on her own and wonder how she is going to blame me on that one ,, .I really do think she needs a new dr. as not one person thought to ask the kids or myself on what she was doing or acting ,so i figure she is misdiagnosed and it is just a matter of time before she cycles again,, i can see it in her once in awhile that it is close again,, .I try and contact childrens aid on there views and they dont even respond anymore ,it kills me on this part as we needed help for our family and they didnt help at all ,, all i know is that i did the right thing to keep kids safe during cycling anyways,, I hear her talk about the hospital stay like it was some kind of vacation for her or something, oh well i am sure they will see her soon again ,,keeping busy anyways which is helping ,just not sleeping to well ,i dont feel stressed or anything like that and jsut waiting for the day i dont have to worry about her being hear anymore ,, soon and hopefully after christmas. It is sad that drs. do not include familys in the treatment and should be demanded by law. will update if i can or need too..

12/08/2011 02:48 PM
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good to see you again.

good grief

if she continues to drag her feet

you can petition the court for a kick out order

get a cpy of the police report and attach it to the petition.

You and your children

have a right to your safety

and your peace.

you do not need a lawyer to do this.

if you can read

you can cook.

keep us posted.

12/08/2011 10:05 PM
Posts: 33

I like that ,if you can read you can cook, waiting on police reports ,they say it takes a couple of weeks for some reason ,waiting on reports from childrens aid also ,they havent even phoned me back on that yet, I dont want to do anything harsh to her as she has enough problems ,she needs to move out like she wanted and see if things are better for her, because i have tried to long now and sick of being the bad guy, i am worried about her dragging her feet a bit, but i keep doing subtle hints that she is moving , nothing nasty as i am not fighting with her on anything ,cant win so why bother, thanks for the support though, i do have freinds that know what i am going through and they dont even know how i took it this long ,it was defintatly because i was in love with her but that is over now, too much has happened over the past years ,look up morgellons ,that was a phase for her also after other things,, now that was something ,.i will keep you posted ,

12/08/2011 10:22 PM
Posts: 13305
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i remember years ago

he had something like this

and the drs could not figure it out.

it went on for two years a16990

oh THAT makes sense to me now.

oh jezzbus

panic attack



i hate that.

those were hard times.

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12/09/2011 05:11 AM
Posts: 33

Family and friends made this condition worse by researching the internet and just found sites about the symptons but didnt investigate more , that was multiple times to emergency ,her calling ambulance on herself ,one dr. visit she said there is a fibre or something coming out of her skin now ,so he circled the spot and said there ,she said yes and you couldnt see anything ,the things would jump out of her and roll on the floor ,this self mutilation because of scrubbing of herself but she would tell dr. i dont know how these sores are here, that went on for a good 6 months ,scared the kids by saying daughter might have it because of a pimple , this is when i lost respect for her dr. by being a wimp ,she finally took resperdine and was cured within 2 weeks ,imagine that, ,she has always had something to do with water, the year before was watering grass ,in rain,christmas day etc to the point it was mud and nothing there but gulleys of mud, she told the dr. she was gardening and she could actually see the grass trying to come up through the clay ,,neighbours have been pretty good by us and understand ,too many stories and bad times for sure ,this is why me and the kids need to move on and start a normal life and hopefully she will be a part of the kids lives in future and she needs to realize what she has done ,but doesnt at all ,and i am hoping she is talking to the pdoc and maybe he can help her ,.

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