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10/05/2011 05:35 AM

Wife want off her meds says she's not bipolar!

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My wife wants off her meds, says she dose not the way they make her feel.

She also says she is not bipolar! Some of her regulaar med doc's told her she may have had a one time manic event! Her mental health doc did reduce her med after she complained about the way they make her feel. Now heres the kicker! As of the 3rd of oct she has come home from work and falls asleep for an hour or so and complains about being tired all the time! Which is what she did last time for a period of about two or three weeks, I believe is her depression phase, before she goes into her manic phase! If she goes manic I can't handle here she has visions and hears voices during her manic phase. She also gets in her car takes off and is very paranoid, about people! I don't know her doctors name or contact info, she takes depacoate I know and resperdone before bed! I love her I don't want anything bad to happen to her! Sad


10/05/2011 05:58 AM
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Wish I had good advice, I'm sure someone here with more experience will chime in soon. I understand completely where you are coming from. My husband is currently manic, although he is newly diagnosed, I saw the signs for a long time. Just being armed with knowlege is helpful, although it can be a cold comfort when your loved one is completely irrational. Don' be drawn into her dark, chaotic world if she goes there. If she has to be hospitalized it might be better if you can get her there. Sounds like she never stabilized fully to begin with.

10/05/2011 06:36 AM

Oh my - is there any way to get her dr's name and contact him?? I think that is cause to communicate your concerns. at least you know what's going on - I feel like its better to "see" what's coming and try to head it off before it gets too bad. Be proactive and if you have to call without her knowledge I would - it sounds like she may be heading that way. If she is really depressed and suicidal can you take her to the hospital?

My husband is the same way, he denies BP although he was dx years ago - he doesn't like the meds, but at least he is on xanax and effexor - its still bad at times but relative to the bad before... Sad

10/05/2011 09:05 AM
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You should be able to get her doctor's name from the prescription bottles. Then you can call and tell him what's going on. Your wife definitely needs meds. If she doesn't like the ones she's on, there are plenty of others to try.

Maybe you can talk her into making an appointment with her mental health doc to try a new medicine? I really think she needs to be on medicine. I've never heard of someone having a mania without having bp disorder, unless it's caused by drugs. I'm no expert, though.


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