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06/14/2011 03:05 PM

Children and BP

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For those of you with children of BP spouses...this is a big worry of mine: I know BP is genetic. Have you noticed it in your children? When does it present itself?

If my baby has it, I will cope, of course. I will still love him more than anything in this world, but it's a very scary thought. I just want to shelter him from all the pain...

Am I getting ahead of myself and worrying myself for nothing right now? I guess I should just be enjoying the innocence for now.


06/14/2011 03:13 PM

I have heard, it is more genetic from the mother's side. I might be wrong. My son has ADHD,, however I think a lot of his problems are environmental, maybe not genes... he's lived in a crazy house for so long.

My younger child is an honor student, potty trained himself, acts like Dr. Phil with us,, and wants to be a lawyer.. go figure!

06/14/2011 03:15 PM
ridingthewavesPosts: 1494
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I don't have children with my BPSO but I understand your concern. I would list that within the top one or two reasons that we haven't had children yet. I am scared of what we will "pass on." Mental Illness for sure on his side, addiction on both...

Personally I would say enjoy this time now. Maybe automatically start him in counseling when he is big enough... play therapy?? Smile can't hurt!

I am interested in what the other women have to say as well. If I remember tonight I will look up the statistics. When I took the NAMI family to family class they have the stats on genetically what your percentage of having bipolar disorder with one parent, both, siblings, etc

06/14/2011 03:30 PM
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I know my husband is also concerned. Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves! I don't think he showed any signs when he was young. I was under the impression that it was something that reared its ugly head in adolescence or late teen years.

You're right RTW, I need to enjoy the time now and when he is a child... It's just in the back of my head right now.

06/14/2011 03:39 PM

You got my curiosity up... here is a website on that.

However,, there is no guarantees either way,, and it isn't a death sentence. Usually they don't emerge until puberty... but I myself believe if your husband is being treated and responding to that well, it will sure help - the stress of untreated BP parents is more concern to me than genetics... just what i've lived thru so far.

Enjoy that precious child,, I don't think we should worry about those things,, they may never pass. Smile

On the note of the teen years,, it's hard to know what is possible bp and what is teenage stuff, ya know? Laughing

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06/14/2011 03:45 PM
CatbalooPosts: 6829
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Also, some people carry the gene but for some reason it is never triggered. So try not to worry about it too much. Like btm says, don't worry about things that may never come to pass. Just enjoy your baby and try to be the best parents you can be. Everything else is in the hands of God, the fates, whatever you believe in. Smile

06/14/2011 04:28 PM
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My Mom is BP.

My Son is BP. (his Dad is not)

My little Brother .

My Nephew.

My Sister.

None of the kids with BP Dad are BP.

BP's Mom was BP too.

Many of his sibs are as well.

It is hard to say, with us...

In Native America lack of prenatal care, diet, fetal alcohol syndrome... it all played a part in the distortion of our families DNA.

We are Comanche and Shoshone Nations people.

06/14/2011 06:12 PM
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My MIL is bipolar. Severe bipolar.

My husband is bipolar as is one of his brothers.

He had 7 siblings, total. So, at adulthood, only 2/7 have been diagnosed.

06/14/2011 06:29 PM
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very interesting...

my husband's mother has bipolar

I don't know if his brother or sister have it, but I don't think so-

My oldest son's dad has bipolar.

My son is 21

he was an easy child, easy teen..

he can be very difficult and hard to get along with now.

I have heard he treated his high school g/f mean (my mom told me this as she was around them more)

I wonder if he has it..

I think he is just very spoiled..I don't think he has it..

but I have to wonder..he is moody, that's for sure...

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06/14/2011 06:43 PM
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My Son, who has been diagnosed by a PDOC


I could tell when he was a little thing that something was not quite right.

He had horrible fits

He was clingy

he had no impulse control

he lacked the ability to let things go.

He started to light fires when he was eight in the bathtub.




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