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02/20/2011 08:54 AM

Holy moly what's happening here?

damselndistressPosts: 16968
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He is totally losing it here and it seems to be fall out stress related to this new job promotion.

He said he was up during the night for two hours with stress about how he'll handle this new job so he is telling me in order for him to take this job he needs to make a shift and get organized so he needs me to institute some new methods at home,

Which include stacking milk crates in our bathroom to put people's clothes in.

I have always hated this idea.

When I do laundry I take several pieces directly at a time out of the dryer and put them right away in the closet or drawers providing there iis a place for them.

Now mind you.

He has tools all over the house but he can't focus on that.

He starts right in on things he wants me to do differently and claims that our entire lives will change If I just follow these systems he sets up.

He said if I don't he is going to need some type of outside help and it's nothing a counselor can provide. What does this mean.

So you get from this.

He needs to feel in control at home so he can feel in control other places.

He's talking a huge 12 milk crate 2 wide by 6 high in our bathroom and it's supposed to change our lives.

But who does the laundry still me and what sense does this make to fold and stack laundry into crates when I can just go put it a way.

It's an unneeded unecessary step right?

Our problem is our house is too small.

We only have two bedrooms, two closets, two dressers.

I think he's just going back to a system he knew as a teenager living in a hostile.

Our kids are not teenagers.

He is the one who needs to get organized.

He had to look for his belt for 20 minutes before he could leave the house.

He throws his thing down all over the place and cannot find anything.

He needs me to make it right for him.

I realize this is a super stressed time of his life but oh my.Dizzy

I'm not fighting him on his milk crate stack he can have it but I will keep hanging thing up after they are washed and dried.

No reason for me to stack them in a crate.

I could not help but look at him with a puzzled look and laugh when he was done with this convo,

It is so baffling.

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02/20/2011 09:11 AM
Posts: 307

damsel, I have no clue how you do it! Baffling doesn't even begin to describe it. Try to have a good day.

02/20/2011 09:43 AM
LenaPosts: 578

Seems that he is in a bad phase of his illness, these could be psychotic features ... or he is just trying to maintain some control over the chaos in his head. He truly sounds stressed. Stay calm, as calm as possible.

02/20/2011 09:53 AM
Posts: 13310
Group Leader

People that are out of control try to control others.

oh wow.

Damsel. I love you.

02/20/2011 10:15 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16968
VIP Member

This is making my head spin.

Happy thoughts.Sideways

I need to stay calm-good advice.

02/20/2011 11:57 AM
Posts: 220

Hang in there damsel. Luckily life is always changing, "You will never step in the same river twice". That means that things will not always be bad. They will get better.

02/21/2011 08:07 AM

Stress is such a "hotpoint" for my husband too.

I'll be glad when we simplify a bit. That's the plan. If he gets manic and wants to take on the world again I will try to have him wait till the mania passes. He is rapid cycling so I don't have to wait long, fortunately, I guess.

Stay calm and try not to laugh - he may not respond well to that - sometimes my BPSO says the craziest stuff I wonder if he is going psychotic.. he didn't used to do that. I try to keep a sense of humor - yes I would go with it like he is the most brilliant man in the world, but do whatever works for you when he's gone. Chances are he may even forget about the crate in a few days?

I'm sure it was your fault he couldn't find the belt too?

Hang in there! This too shall pass... endure...

02/21/2011 08:54 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16968
VIP Member

I've been walking around crates for the last 24 hours.

I finally moved them out of the pathway.

He's bragging about all the money he just spent yesterday to fix this place up, we need a bigger house guys, milk crates and a toy organizer isn't going to get it.

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02/21/2011 09:29 AM

wow - it's so crazy, they don't get it, just kinda makes me want to laugh at the weirdness of it all.

Maybe the kids can make a big tower out of the crates? Kinda like building blocks? LOL


02/21/2011 11:01 AM
Posts: 52

Havn't heard this one yet. hang in there.

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