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01/17/2011 11:52 AM

guys, I'm so sick to my stomach(page 2)

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RCH - you aren't lecturing at all. I will take whatever advice anyone can offer me.

My husband did not hurt him. My husband just up and left when he was three years old and has spent extremely little time with him. My son has been emotionally tormented by it. Now all of a sudden he's coming around again and wants to spend time with him. About a month ago, my husband wanted to insist in taking him "for a ride". My son kept saying no he wouldn't go. Husband finally relented.

I'm so afraid of him being neglected. I'm so ill , have not been able to eat right since.

How is this little boy supposed to just up and leave with dad and no mom for two days? He's totally attached to me. There is no adjustment period. I so feel like this judge was bribed. How is this in the child's best interest?


01/17/2011 02:06 PM
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I do not actually believe it is in your childs best interests. It is wrong. I think you will have to make lemon aid from lemons and I mean that kindly. I know you cannot afford the money to appeal. Youneed to document, watch cloely for your ex's failure to follow through. And first sign of trouble, do what youmust to get this changed back.

I meant to add, that when I got my ex's parental rights revoked, I had a dr say that my childs emotional well being would be compromised .. The judge considered that medical documentation.

I wonder, if you go to a Psychologist and explain your fears, they might be willing to document something for you?

He had not seen our son in 1 year and had not provided 1 cent of support. He had another older child, he also did not see. He had a record of drunk driving etc. It all added up .. We were not married. He had a record of domestic violence, and had then threatened to set fire to the house and kidnap the baby from daycare etc. He was stupid enough to write it in a letter to me, that I then brought to court. The judge gave my ex a lecture, and then advised me to allow my child to know his father someday.

I never did.

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