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12/01/2010 09:18 AM

What part is BP and what part is just personality?

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Okay, I am going to write a list of things Jack does that are, to me, strange. I just want to know what could be the BP and what is just Jack being strange!

Kinda fun! Smile

1. Taking things apart, like appliances, engines, gagets, etc etc

2. Always telling me how to do stuff! Like I have never boiled water before!!! I mean even things I do over and over he will give me instructions on how to do it!

3. Very aggresive driving!

4. Self praising. Like he cooked Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving and that is all he talked about the whole day. Nothing about the 8 dishes I made, just how PERFECT his potatoes are!!!

5. Always trying to "patent" something! He is always coming up with the next greatest invention and everyone is going to want it!

6. Talking, ALL THE TIME! talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk etc etc etc...........

7. Always saying he has "ripped someone's face off" at work. Not sure if he really does, but he likes to brag about.

8. Rocks himself to sleep, rolling back and forth on his side. This is actually nice for me since it rocks me a little too, I just think it's strange.

I am sure that is not all, but I will add as I rememeber.

I would love to hear some of the strange behavior you all notice from your BP.


12/01/2010 10:22 AM
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Hi Sally84,

I am living with 2,3,4,6 on a daily basis right now since he is Mr. Mania.

I live with a version of 1: He is always making things and painting everything. He spent days (in the nude) painting feathers and other native stuff and putting stickers all over his motorcycle. He cannot wear anything that he hasn't jazzed up with feathers or bells or painted images. He also make beautiful leather bags, but not recently - just painting, painting, painting.

I live with a version of 5: He is a magnificent musician (aren't most bipolar people exceptionally creative, artistic or musical?) Last time he was in full out mania he professionally recorded a CD (it was good, but not great). He wouldn't take any help or suggestions from me (and I am very creative). Then he came up with this idea that he would put together a dance group of three women, all of whom he would decide how they dressed, how they danced and how they acted overall. He would be the only musician and as a group they would tour the world and make $$$$$$. He is back at this dream this time too and now he has found a young stripper at a nude strip club and has decided she will be one of those dancers. He called a friend and informed her that she would be training this stripper - not asked, told. Suffice to say, she told he what she thought...

I used to live with a version of 7 because he has an authority complex and likes to talk on and on about how much he despises law enforcement (he has been arrested a few times) and how he would like to ruin their lives.

Here is my strange... When he is manic he likes to panhandle. He is insulted that I call it panhandling. Here is one of his versions. He goes to a restaurant for coffee and while he is sitting there he chats up someone in the neighboring table. He tells them a story and then gives them something like a feather or a stone. Then he tells them that he is broke, there is no obligation, but could they help him out with a few bucks.

I am married to him and find it horrifying that I might be out in public with him and fun into someone he has panhandled from...

12/01/2010 12:09 PM
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Panhandling, interesting. I guess Jack has done something similar to that. When he was working on his last patent he went around to all his friends, family, businesses in the area asking for money to get the patent. he collected, believe it or not, almost $10,000! He printed up these "investement certificates" on his computer and people actually gave him lot's of money!!!! This was before I met him, but only just before. He was convinced that Nike was going to buy his patent for something like 2.8 million dollars!

Yea the nude thing. I think I have read that on this site also. Jack likes to be nude also, doing the strangest things!!!! I just figured that was his personality but I am starting to think that is a BP thing! I did tell him to put some clothes on one time when he was frying bacon.................I mean we don't want to burn down the only "tree" in his forest ya know! Laughing

Jack was a police officer for 12 years, so the authority complex thing is on both sides of that card! He was "allowed" to rip peoples faces off, or so he thought, with that big shiny badge on his chest!!!!

12/01/2010 04:17 PM
mainePosts: 127

1-6 for me, but maybe all. His way of getting to sleep was to demand some sort of sex, said it helped him sleep. Whatever. He can fix just about anything you put in front of him, even if it isn't broken! LOL! I think with his Obessesive Compulsive Personality Disorder he would seem to me manic about whatever it was until it was completed, but nothing was ever enough, not enough time that I could spend with him. Not enough of MY money that I could spend on him. Not enough of my love I could give him. Just the whole thing of nothing ever being enough. That is the part that really gets you. Although, he would be enough for several women, because they were always coming up to him and giving him their phone number or hitting on him or whatever (according to his stories aka lies). He "always knows things". "I'm different" BOY DID HE HAVE THAT LAST ONE RIGHT!!!

12/01/2010 04:28 PM
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Yea Maine, I forgot that one.

9. Jack is ALWAYS right!!!

12/01/2010 04:49 PM
mainePosts: 127

Don't forget #10. EVERYTHING has to be his way or there's hell to pay! I think I bought my way out of hell!!!

12/01/2010 05:09 PM
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Oh yea Maine, only because we don't know ANYHING and we must do it their way since THEY are ALWAYS right!!!!

12/01/2010 06:44 PM
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my ex seemed to need to be in the nude a lot

he demanded sex so he could sleep (nothing to do with love or me)

talk talk talk talk talk

loud and inappropriate stories in public, usually of a sexual nature

everyone is stupid . EVERYONE

conspiracy theory stories

drumming on anything anywhere, even if someone is trying to sleep or the room is dead silent .. I swear he would drum at a funeral

flipping the script on anyone

fast scary driving

12/01/2010 11:37 PM
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Ok. Nekid, yes. Naked hiking.

Taking things apart. ALL DAY LONG

The WORST back seat driver ever to be in my automobile. Ohhhh F%#@* !!! EVER !

talk talk talk talk talk talk

Yes, Million Dollar Ideas.

Yes, a talented performer. Very talented public speaker.

Rocking back and forth, YES. ALOT. I would pat his thigh in church, we had a signal for that one..the "you are rocking like a maniac in front of the entire congregation" pat and slight squeeze to the thigh.

Self Praising talk talk talk about finding scrap metal.

Yes, panhandling.

12/02/2010 12:00 AM
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Hi sally Well I can say that having bipolar I do all of those things (some to lesser degrees so not as noticed by others) except for number 4 that is a man thing W00t My partner does that I spend hours making a cooked dinner he does the gravy and brags all day about how perfect his gravy is.

The rocking I found qute interesting that is something I do to silence voices in my head I do it even more on a depressed because then I have voices telling me that my partner does not love me he is a good man he stays out of pity and to end my life to save him (Yeah I know Im insane) and I especially do it if I am hurt or crying, but I sometimes do it to sleep if I finding it hard have you asked why your partner does it?.

Me and my partner also now have a rule because of how argumentative I am we do not argue we write our points down and discuss and if one interupts the other then we forfit a chore but it ceases to work when I am fully blown manic but otherwise it really helps when I am just slightly aggitated.


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