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10/28/2010 08:58 PM

10 Ways To Be Supportive To Someone in Emotional D

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Enoughalready shared this on another thread. I'm worried that it might have gotten lost in the long, long discussion on that thread. I hope she does not mind me reposted it on its own. It's good information. be-supportive-to-someone-in-emotional-distress/


10/28/2010 09:07 PM
enoughalreadyPosts: 1402
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Nope mary I dont mind at all, I have reread that myself several times, I hope it helps some! No disrespect intended towards anyone.

10/28/2010 09:13 PM
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This is a great list! I especially like number 6! It was so discouraging to me, when I was really brought low from chemotherapy, to be told to cheer up and find the bright side. I need most to hear number 7--I want to HELP folks in distress, but I do understand that unsolicited advice when you are in distress can seem more harmful than helpful.

10/29/2010 07:34 AM
sallyoPosts: 3682
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Thank you for the list! It's a great reminder.

10/29/2010 07:49 AM

Another thanking for sharing.


10/29/2010 07:51 AM
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Yes, evangeline!

10/29/2010 09:23 AM
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Thanks for reposting this, Mary! Wink

I like #5.

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