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10/12/2010 01:30 PM

If you can describe your life in a painting....


what would it look like and where do you want to be.

Maybe this is an off topic.. This idea came from Steve's picture.

In the future I see a serene sunrise, a new beginning, and since I like boating I can see myself in a peaceful body of peace.

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10/12/2010 01:36 PM

Currently, I see my life like turmoil, little scarred and in distress, not sure what direction it is heading... starrynight2

10/12/2010 01:45 PM
damselndistressPosts: 16953
VIP Member

Sadsad you don't know how many times my oldest son has drawn Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.

We used to have them hanging all over the house and he would make the wind swirl.

I can relate to the turmoil big time.


10/12/2010 01:48 PM
Posts: 685

I LOVE this thread!! Sad, your picture reminds me of the movie, “Children of men”, one of my favorite movies.

My painting is of old Florida. Calm, peaceful, beautiful. That's what I want for my future.

10/12/2010 02:06 PM
BeaudomPosts: 82

currently i'm feel like finding some quite corner to lie down and let nature grow over me (no i'm not suicidal don't worry), It just seems like such an peaceful thing. so thins is my piece, its not a painting its digital (photo manipulation) but still.

as the earth consumes me by beaudom

10/12/2010 05:02 PM
Posts: 83

sadsad- when I read the topic, I wanted to come and post that starry night was how I feel now, but you beat me to it!

Last week would have totally been the scream!

interesting that vvg was bp and has always been one of my fave artists.

Beaudom- I love ur pic as well!

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10/12/2010 10:04 PM
Posts: 2639
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I am not sure VVG was bipolar. He had tinutitis (ringing in the ears) and it drove him quite mad.

How do you get a picture into the thread? Not very techie here.

I saw VVG paintings in Paris. So amazing!

10/12/2010 10:17 PM
Posts: 11199
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Just my opinion, but I think "VVG" was as bipolar as it gets. And like rch, I wish I had the tech knowhow to get these graphics into my posts here!

10/12/2010 10:33 PM
BeaudomPosts: 82

click post reply instead of quick reply so you get the screen with all the options like smiles and stuff, then get the url of the image you want, the past it in the reply space, highlight it and then press the Img button. hope that helps lol i'm bad at explaining thing though typing Tongue

10/12/2010 10:59 PM

When I saw my wife in court 3 weeks ago and she had this look of desdain and anger...I held to these as tight as I could before she could ripped them off!

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