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05/22/2010 08:15 PM

a classic line from my BP spouse

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I got this just a few minutes ago. At the end of a brief, intense argument about how she had to work all day only to come home to a filthy mess (because there were a few toys out of place due to me having to set off flea bombs today to address the infestation her four pets brought into the house) we had a sharp exchange of tit for tat.

Just five minutes before she was moaning about how tired she was and how she was going to go to sleep without even getting out of bed. Then she decided to pick a fight over whatever inconsequential excuse she could dredge up. And at the end I commented that I thought she was so tired she couldn't even move.

Her classic response?

"You don't need to even think about me."


In her mind she was refusing me permission to think about her. Like that's going to work.


04/29/2013 09:16 PM
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Ah they think they can control everything don't they? I feel your aggravation. Mine's been at work for days and only calls me to find something to argue with me about. I am being argued with now for 2 hours and counting from 600 miles away because I laughed at my 6 month old nephew while on the phone with my husband. Then he wonders why I'm not happy when he calls or comes home. Just roll with the punches my friend. I find backing off and not entertaining the ridiculous arguments works. Give space and enough time for their brain to roll back around. It always does.

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