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05/02/2014 03:23 AM

Emotional Detachment Techniques

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When you have prolonged exposure to negative people or events, emotional attachment techniques can help your body to better deal with the stress.

Unintentional Emotional Detachment

There are times in a person’s life when they will become emotionally detached without intention. This generally occurs when a person has been through a very traumatic event, and the mind needs a way to cope with the event. However, even if your mind has made you emotionally detached from the situation, you can still suffer from negative consequences, as this generally causes a condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While PTSD can occur due to several different situations, some well-known causes include physical abuse, metal abuse, and military service.

While your mind may think that the best way to handle a situation is to become emotionally detached from it, this can actually cause you to have a lot of psychological problems. You may have reoccurring nightmares, depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders due to the suppression of your emotions. While it may be a good way to cope at the time, it is important that you receive PTSD therapy afterwards, which will help you to reconnect with the emotions you felt during that time, work towards letting them go, and then begin living a healthy life once again.

Intentional Emotional Detachment

There are times in your life when using emotional detachment techniques may be in your best interest. If you are in a physically abusive or emotionally abusive relationship, allowing yourself to detach from that person will help you to begin the process of healing.

Both mental and physical abuse can take a real toll on your well-being, and people are often stuck in the situation, thinking there is no way out. However, with the use of emotional detachment techniques, you can allow yourself to take your emotions out of the equation for the time-being, and do what you have to in order to change your life and get out of the abusive situation.

Emotional Detachment Techniques

  • Deep breathing - Taking a deep breath will help you to detach your emotions from a situation. When you are emotionally stressed, holding your breath is your body’s way of coping, but this will cause the effects to be worse.
  • Blocking it out - Blocking out the negative actions or words of others is another good detachment technique. By clearing your mind from the current behavior or situation, you can detach in a healthy manner.
  • Journaling - Keeping a journal is another way to help detach emotionally. By tracking the actions of others and writing them down, you can see how their actions negatively impact your life and take the steps needed to detach.

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