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06/11/2010 03:17 PM

New....married to someone bipolar

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Hi, I am new here. I just got married about two months ago and my husband is bipolar. This is the first time he's gotten help for it and it's been rough. I was really here just looking for other people who know what I am going through. My parents try to help, but I think it's hard to understand unless you experience it.

I love my husband and he's great. I just want to help him and sometimes I know I can't.


06/12/2010 06:02 PM
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MarriedToTheEnigma, Welcome to the group I am sure you will find some great support and advice here . I would search out any books and sites here on the internet . It is a great start that he wants to help himself that is a good step for the both of you .

06/17/2010 01:49 PM
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Hi, hon...

My wife of a bit over four years (married two) is fairly strongly bipolar, mostly on the depressive side, and I'm still learning, too.

You say this is the first time he's gotten help... professional help? That's actually excellent, I'd have been pretty bummed if he knew he was bipolar and chose not to seek any help. As an engineer I know that stuff doesn't fix itself.

That being said, there's no panacea. Some people respond well and can find a combination of therapy and medications that controls the problem for a very long time quite effectively. Some people respond well for a while, then things change and they have to get their medication tweaked. There are some people, though, that just don't seem to respond well to anything, frustrating their doctors and pretty much everybody else. Right now, you have no way of telling what sort your husband is.

Another factor: are you suffering with depression yourself? If you have your own issues to deal with, whether depression, stress (other than dealing with him) or something else, those factors will tend to limit how much support you can lend. Don't let yourself get chewed up for the sake of trying to "fix" him. Preserve yourself, you'll need it.

Hang out and look around.


06/17/2010 02:03 PM
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Welcome marriedtoanenigma! In addition to turle's excellent advise, learn as much as you can about the illness. DPSA and NAMI have good information on the illness as well as some guidelines for their SOs. Turtle is right; you do need to take good care of yourself.

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