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05/25/2008 10:57 AM

How can I help her?(page 4)

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hi debbie,

wow i am in the same situation right now. My daughter is 25 yrs old and she is currently in the process of divorcing her husband, they have had a very unstable marriage from the beginning. I have a 4 yr grandson and my daughter has not spoken to me for 2 weeks this monday. We had a fall out because she wanted to go meet this guy in Las Vegas that she met on line nine months ago, he sent her a ticket and she says he is from ireland and is going to be the ambassodor to the united states, he is wealthy, never been married, and he is paying her for her lost wages, he has she say put a thousand dollars in her bank account and she is leaving June first and her soon to be exhusband will pick my grandson up from daycare. I told her i thought that idea was dangerous and then she began to tell me how wonderful she is at her job and how her boss likes her the best and how she is getting a pay raise, The next day she calls my husband and tells him that one of the clients she takes care of complained that she smeltlike cigarette smoke and her boss didnt want her to be smoking on her breaks, so she cant stand him now and is looking for a new job, I am like u i just dont know what to do. I have stayed away from her and the last 2 weeks have ben peaceful eventho i miss my grandson.I pray for her and i think now it will have to be an outside agency to get involved before she will get help. She was on zoloft and that didnt help her and then the pcp put her on cymbalta in in two weeks she left her husband and went back to work after not working for 2 years after a back and neck injury.....My heart feels for her but i am so burnt out...I dont know if this help you any but just know your not alone and this site helps me a lot thanks guys..God bless ya Debbie


05/25/2008 06:28 PM
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Hi Marieme Yes it helps alot knowing others are going through the same things. The doctor put my daughter on lithium and it has been amazing. She still has some moments but over all it has been a miracle for us. I ended up going 4 weeks without talking to my daughter and it was the hardest 4 weeks of my life. Thing is, she missed me too. Her boyfriend told me that and that alone helped alot too. It's hard when there's granchildren involved. As I've said, I am very close with my grandaughter. I think the kids see though how much we love them and I think they need that "stable" person in their life. I agree with you about the trip that your daughter wants to make. I work on the internet and I've seen some pretty scary things and shady people. Unfortunately our girls are adults so we can't do anything anymore but worry. I would ask her to call every day though so you know she's alright. And I would pray every day for her safe return. I'll be praying also for you and her. Oh and I would also ask your daughters ex if he could let your grandson call you at night to say night-night so you know that he also is alright. Hang in there, things do get better and there's always someone here to listen if you need us!

05/26/2008 07:45 PM
pat17Posts: 25

My son met someone on the internet and flew to meet that person. High Risk taker he is......all I can do is pray for him. He lost his good job for being late and is now working near his apartment that he shares. I am sure that his aunt and grandma are sending him $$ so he won't have to really learn how to live. They enabled my son's dad like this too.........that is why he is still sick at age 50 and miserable.

Enablers are horrible and frusrating to me!

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