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07/26/2009 09:56 AM


nicholPosts: 6
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i found a Unipolar where the person doesnt experience any depression but instead a sort of persistent hypomania. has anyone heard of this or dealt with this at all. the one thing i noticed when reading other people's experiences was much talk of the remorseful depression. and possibly suicidal. my mom in all i can recall has never once not even close shown this remorseful depression and def never suicidal. recently she has claimed thoughts of suicide and i do take this seriously and it does concern me but my gut feeling is that it is more for show. so thoughts on unipolar. it has also been called bipolar VI. even though i dont think she has shown depression the way ive seen my grandma who is bp but she does "crash" after a particularly manic stint. anyone out there heard of anything like this?

07/29/2009 08:40 AM
Posts: 178

Wow, new one on me! Learn something new everyday - I always considered unipolar to be a perpetual depressed state. Thanks for the heads up on it. I did some research and thought this site was the most comprehensive. Very interesting!

07/29/2009 11:46 AM
Posts: 312

my dh doesnt swing to depression, just the perpetual jerky state of hypomania/mania. His history shows that he only had one depressive episode when he was a teen and he always swings to the manic side when he goes through an episode. his last mania went untreated and didnt end up crashing in a depression, but the mania lasted 2 years or so. His sister also stays on the manic side, never depressed.

I dont know what to think about it, there has to be another diagnosis that fits other than BIpolar. Unipolar seems to be a better name for it.


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