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10/20/2011 09:00 PM

Crazy Stories :(

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My Husband is Bipolar. I knew this long before he was even diagnosed. I am unsure what to do and how to deal with him. The biggest problem is that he is making up stories that are very far fetched and actually thinks they are true and has " proof". According to him I have pretty much cheated with every male I come into contact with. I am always being accused of cheating and I cant take it. I came back from a one day trip and my vagina was "weird". I cant handle it. The newest story he thinks is the worst. He got it in his head that my sister got molested by my dad. He harrassed me everyday to admit it to him. All he does all day is insult my family and accuse them of horrible things that have NEVER happened. There isnt anything I can do to convince him its not true. His "proof" is pathetic. He found a picture on the interenet of a woman who looks like my sister and claims my dad took it.. even though my dad doesnt have a camera and cant work a computer. He also says my sister is insecure and there must be a reason. Find me a 19 year old who isnt. He texts my sister and threatens her that the truth will come out. I went to visit my family and I get yelled about it everyday. please help. Is this normal with someone with bipolar?? Do they actually think things like this are true???? he thinks he makes sense and it doesnt.

10/21/2011 05:00 AM
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sometimes ppl with bp do these things. no it is not normal, but it can be part of the bp.

is he on meds, and seeing a pdoc? if so i would call his dr and let them know what is happening, and see what they want to do.

sometimes, a medication change can do wonders.

i wish you all the best.

please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

God bless


10/21/2011 11:56 PM
LenaPosts: 578

he is psychotic.

10/26/2011 05:50 AM
ellswimPosts: 203

This one caught my eye. My exhusband accused my dad of molesting my sister. Because my sister is extremely jaded...must be my dad. I will never forget how pissed off I was at the accusation. My dad would have been so so hurt. Where do they come up with this shit?

10/26/2011 11:12 AM
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I believe my mother is Bipolar... and as far as I knew she is still undiagnosed. It has been almost 4 years since we last spoke, and at 25 I have spent over half my life barely on speaking terms with her.

I can definitely understand the fabrications. Almost to a T! At 15, my parents finally split and my mother accused my Dad of cheating almost throughout their relationship... she also had her "proofs". Years later, she accused the post divorce boyfriend of the same, when he also decided to leave her.

My mother and I never really got along and her mind must have raced for days, even months, trying to find the reason/s. She finally pinpointed that the reason I hated her so much was because my Dad was molesting me (keep in mind my parents were still married, and stayed married for another 4 years after she originally accused him). It has been almost 15 years since this idea came into her head and she still insists he must have molested me. She has never tried to show proof, because her belief in the idea is strong enough not to need it. Psychotic intuition is apparently enough to spew such slanderous accusations around family. NOT. Not in my family, and NOT in yours!

Oddly, she never accused him of also molesting my little sister? (who hadn't learnt to hate her yet)

She also insulted my Dad's side of the family, almost constantly. From the very young age of 7 on...

It seems to my a Bipolar person can get an idea into their head, and it never really leaves, no matter how outrageous it is! I used to think she was just insecure... Insecure people gossip harshly about others to make themselves feel better. My mother is not insecure, she is mentally ill, and by the sounds of it so is your husband.

I can't tell you what to do in this situation, if my significant other treated me like this, loving him the way I do, I would be equally torn. However, as I said I do not contact my mother and until she gets help I never will. Hopefully, it will make you feel a little better, knowing you're not alone. It made me feel much better after reading your initial post.

I will say this, you are obviously very stressed about the situation, and knowing what its like to live in that type of unhealthy environment for so long that stress can take its toll, and I promise you it's not worth it. If your husband has not sought help and is not on medication, remember to put your own health and sanity first...

All the best!


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