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02/24/2011 06:07 AM

bipolar is not the whole story



laugh and the world laughs with you,cry and you cry alone " This old piece of advice my dad gave me years ago when I went through the depressed phase of bipolar. The support of a loved one close to me got me through,my family docs social worker teachers,policeman and strangers...people are people and we help those who are in need. My story is same as many people.when we are in the deepest depressed state,we think only of us,our life,,,how wrong we are,low self esteem, all the "negative goodies."....its painful for us and our family.However with the support of friends,support groups self help books philosphy,good has helped,,,films, the auto bio about the Dr with bipolar...fogot her name US lady ....Dr Redfield Jamieson?????-meds sleep love love love of ourselves.By ourselves this is first step."I will get better,I want to,for my sake,for my famuly/" Im nearly 60 now lost my young age..zoom into madness.self pity.My doctor told me One in six are bipolar....In US bipolar is been successfully treated with lithium and other meds..moreover WE bipoars MUST desire to improve.Mental affirmation..I want I try I am doing ok..mean it DO IT and on way...

LOOK AROUND,research ALL avenues of comparitve tretment with,,water..physical exercise SHARE your,write to the President of USA -tell him how you feel.

Many writers actors inventors saints ARE bipolar....its not the only thing about you ...tis a tiny bit of your life..YOUR smile,laughter positive thougts,actions ..define you so BIPOLAR happy moods sad moods-final analysis-YOU are alive and vital,believe you are going to make it will...ABDULLAH=servant of god we are all servants of love of god...we are not meant to stay down..rise up..enjoy the summit positively..stay away from "narcotics and alcohol.AND CELEBRATE at no detriment to yourself and others.....Laughing and the worldLaughing Laughing s WITH you CRY and you cry alone."..........................god willing..enshallaTongue Oh write down all your "crazy ideas thoughts ....these help others understand their journey through..Bipolar is not the whole me, trust yourself...LOVE -is the remedy for all ills

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02/24/2011 08:18 AM
sallyoPosts: 3684
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I love this! So true! And welcome Abdullah!

02/24/2011 12:59 PM
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Very well put. I especially like your positive self affirmation. My daughter has gone through a real bad depression and does not seem to be able to reach deep into herself for positive thoughts.

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