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10/11/2010 06:43 PM



my ex wife is currently hospilized bc of a suicide attempt she suffers from bp also. she wantts our kids to visit her 4 and 7. But they rarely see her and are acting very happy and enjoying everyday worried that this will tramatize them seeing there mom in a psych hosp any advice going crazy

10/11/2010 07:47 PM
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dwc101 4 and 7 are quite young for them to understand what is happening . they may know that mommy is sick but it maybe scary for them to see her there . It is up to you though .

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10/11/2010 07:55 PM
carmensitaPosts: 86

i think if she is suicidal perhaps it would be best to keep the kids away, but seeing them may also do her good. what do the doctors think about this?

10/11/2010 08:31 PM
owutatangledwebPosts: 2771
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Most psych hospitals have rules about children that young visiting there. In my experience, they have to set up special visits for children.. And, I would think that there is a reason for their rules. Such as, it might be too disturbing for children...hey, they're the experts, right?

10/16/2010 07:15 AM
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I agree with the group, it may do your wife good to see them but 4 and 7 are young. My girls are 14 and 16 and even they were uncomfortable when they visited me in the psych ward. Some people don't act "normal" in there and it can be frightening to anyone who does not have a clear understanding of the disorder. Hell, I was frightened! It scares me to death that my cycles or the meds may fry my brain cells enough to totally change who I am. I would most definitely check with the hospital and maybe even consult a child therapist on how to best handle the situation.

10/18/2010 11:42 AM
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My kids age 4 and 16 wks recently visited my BP mom in the hospital (she also attempted suicide)but we had to get a special pass in order for her to do so, the doctor had to make sure she was up to the visit. My son who is 4 doesn't really understand it, but he knows grandma needs to get better before coming home. I think it has helped her a little and I would not have brought my kids to visit her if I thought it would do them harm. I waited until I felt sure my mom was stable enough before I asked for a day pass. So my advice, wait until you feel like the time is right.

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