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02/18/2010 11:03 AM

Do we ever get a break..........

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Its amazing how this disease spreads its pain like cancer, from one love one to another, pukeing all over those who care. How much can one take, its like a giant parasite sucking the life out of its host.

It doesn't matter if you run from it, for it will follow. It will appear as your spouse one minute, then turn on you like your wost nightmare the next. You can pour your hart out to it, and it will hate you more, then when you've had enough, it will reappear as your love one, and the cycle starts again.

I have a question, when the treatment starts, does the patient ever reaslize what they have done, or is that a un-admitted thing? and when does the blame game stop, if ever? Point being, this disease is like Tar-baby, you get all hung-up, and the harder you try, the more stuck you become!

Thanks in advance to all,




02/18/2010 11:20 AM
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Bentknees: That's why Sally once referred to her manic BP husband as an 'evil pod person'! I loved it!!!

Do they remember? Sometimes, althougth I'm quite convinced that when manic they remember very little after they come down...

The 'blame game' will stop when the mania stops. Proper meds can fix this.

02/18/2010 01:52 PM
sallyoPosts: 3690
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I agree with Warhorse. Mine doesn't remember much when he's manic. It's an awful disease that sometimes seems to never end. Mine is usually apologetic when he comes down from a bad cycle. My only advice: remember it is the illness, not your loved one acting out, and savor the good days to get through the bad.

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