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09/06/2011 06:39 AM

Mercury fillings...eeek!

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I have had mercury fillings and have wondered (in my adult years, as more and more news has been coming to the surface regarding slow mercury poisoning) if THESE have been a major contributing factor in most of my mental/emotional health symptoms for many, many years.

Can anyone share on their own experiences? Please?






09/06/2011 07:33 AM

When I was young I had accident where I lost some teeth and others were "patched together" with mercury fillings. I was about 11 then. In my mid 40s my teeth started, for lack of a better term, "exploding". The teeth with mercury in them all eventually broke apart and I had surgery after surgery to try to save them but alas it was not to be. I now have to wear full dentures, ALTHOUGH they are much prettier than my old teeth and they don't hurt - well the bottom ones do but they need an adjustment.

I never got mercury poisoning from my teeth but I did when I was eating a can of tuna a day on a diet - seriously! My doc said ONE CAN of tuna a week. Period.

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09/13/2011 04:10 AM
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Thank you for sharing on that.

Boy, I tell you...having the remaining silver fillings removed has been on the back of my mind day and night for a few years, but mostly I have been thinking/obsessing about who to use as a DDS and what will be the condition of my teeth (strength wise) after having the fillings replaced.

I suppose there is a danger of the teeth cracking and weakening as they are drilled out.

That concerns me.

Hope you are well. For today at least. Hoping that your diet is safe and you are making wise choices on tuna consumption.

Sad how our fish are toxic.

Sad how since the 1900's the dental profession is STILL filling our heads with that poison amalgam.

09/13/2011 04:11 AM
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PS: Freddie Mercury!!!

HAH. I just got it now! Love the pic. I saw Queen 3 times when I was younger.


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