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01/13/2012 04:18 PM

Friday The 13th!

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Oh no! I realized what day it was and I realized I spilled a grain or two of salt earlier. So to be safe I went to shake some over my shoulder, lost hold of the shaker and it hit Mac (the dog) in the head. He immediately attacked me and started biting at my legs so I turned around and took off running but I forgot I left the cabinet door open where the salt was kept.

BAM!!Face first into the cabinet door making me fall backwards over the dog and knocking the door off it's hinges. Dog is teriffied by all this noise (being mostly blind) and took off running and pooping & peeing.

So I got dog bites on my lowwer legs, a bloody nose and my back is hurting from the fall. The dog is cowering under the bed with a lump on his head, the cabinet door is off and broken, there is poop and pee in a trail on the long route from the kitchen thru the dining cubby and living room into the bedroom and the salt shaker broke when it hit the floor.

Guess who stepped on the broken shaker and salt while carrying his broken glasses into the dining cubby to find his spares? NOT the dog!

NAH, I got no reason at all to believe in bad luck on Friday the 13th.

PS: This is all a joke. HA ha ha ha! Laughing Laughing Tongue Smile W00t

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