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02/19/2012 02:18 PM

can we fall in love ?

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I am having some probs in my relationship....sometimes I feel like he is the one and sometimes i want to run other people feel this way in relationships ? sometimes i look at him and feel absolutely nothing..others i just want to kiss him and tell him i love him. it can even be in the same day or even the same hour.

is this my meds ? my moods ? or is he just not the right one ? i dont feel like i have ever really been "in love" but i do know that i have loved people.

i also have alot of disassociation issues probably having to do with my ptsd...i dunno..just wanted to put that out there and see if anyone has any thoughts ?

thanks :O)


02/21/2012 09:56 AM
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sounds like ptsd, not getting close, taking a chance, i have been going through this for a long time, 2 past marriages, even withs kids, now with new relationship, guess i got lucky this time and found a more understanding person. who has patience, and need patience for sure, i even need patience to myself. it is a deep dark energy that is hidden a way.

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02/23/2012 02:56 PM
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I think that sometimes, regardless of the condition(s) we have, it can and or may skew our viewpoint and emotions. If my bipolar disorder can make me feel frustrated for no reason at all then it would be safe to say, in my opinion, that it can also affect the way we act and react to relationships. I've had mixed states and thought that communication within my family has been the pits and suggested that we go to family counseling. Once the mixed state passed, there was no issue with communication.

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