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11/18/2013 07:14 PM

Order of Non-Hospitalization

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My daughter has been in the psych ward for about 3 months. ALthough improving, they asked her to sign an order of non-hospitalization (ONH). I asked that we read it together before signing anything. Next thing I know, she told me that her lawyer signed it for her.

I met with her psychiatrist today and told her that the ONH is void as my daughter didn't sign it, and we were not afforded the opportunity of reading it. The doc agreed.

I understand that an ONH means that she must adhere to requirements while out in the community. If she "violates" any of the orders, she can be recommitted for either 3 or 12 months.

It seems to me that she is being set up to fail.

Does anyone have experience with ONHs?





11/19/2013 09:56 PM
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I'm afraid I don't know anything about it... Anyone else?

11/21/2013 04:56 AM
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I was really curious and wanted to understand it. I tried to so some research on the internet. I really didnot understand it enough to try and explain it. The best piece of adive I can give is to try and so the research and hopefully you can understand it . Or try and call an attorney, alot of attorney's wiil give will explain for free. bobo24

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