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05/29/2009 11:32 AM


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I was my mom's caregiver for three years and she just passed away in March. I'm having a REALLY awful time. We were so close, and we spent every day together, and now there's nothing. I'm 29, and I wasn't ready for her to not be there. I don't think you're ever ready for loss, but this just seems like too much. I tried therapy, but it didn't help. Nothing seems to...Ermm

05/29/2009 12:19 PM
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I'm sorry for the loss of your mom. I lost my mom too and it was unexpected. She was 65 and I was 37 at the time. 39 now but we were close, shared so much in common as adults and it is hard not to have her here anymore. I have been to therapy and in the beginning and first year felt like nothing helped. Why, because there is no drug, or anything, one can say to heal your grieving heart accept time and understanding caring ears. Your loss is so recent and fresh. It does get less painful in time. The missing part is something that is still in my heart, for my mom. I understand your pain. Love and hugs. Keep talking, writing and posting your feelings. It does help to let the feelings out and share the pain. You are not alone here. Rachele

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05/29/2009 05:45 PM
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I'm very sorry for your loss. Grief, as with therapy, takes time, a lot of time to work past. As Rachele said, it does get less painful with time. I think sometimes we expect much more of ourselves than should be expected when we are grieving. We're here to listen and care.

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