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04/29/2008 04:29 PM

Intuitive and Instrumental Griever


Intuitive and Instrumental style of grieving are blended styles of grieving. Both genders can have a form of these grieving styles.

Intuitive Griever

Feelings are intensely experienced.

Expressions such as crying mirror the inner experience

Successful adaptive strategies facilitate the experience and expression of feelings.

There are prolonged periods of confusion, inability to concentrate, disorganizaation, and disorientation.

Physical exhastion and/or anxiety may result.

Instrumental Griever

Thinking is predominant to feeling as an experience, feelings are less intense.

There is a general reluctanceto talk specifically about feelings.

Mastery of oneself and the environment are most important.

Problem-solving as a strategy enables mastery of feelings and control of the environment in creating the new normal.

Brief periods of cognitive dysfunction are common- confusion, forgetfulness, obsessiveness.

Energy levels are enhanced, but symptoms of general arousal caused by the loss go unnoticed.

I hope these help you understand how you are grieving. I pray for comfort and peace for all.



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