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12/05/2011 05:38 AM

Old school friend has tragically died..

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An old friend of mine from school has died in a car accident on Sunday morning. I used to be quite close to her at one point, but lets just say we had our ups and downs.. fall outs etc. We grew up together in the same form class for 7 years. I just can't get over what has happened. She was only 19.

I feel fear, as well as sadness. I'm terrified of driving my own car now, especially as it has been snowing recently. I feel guilt over the fact I wasn't the nicest person to her at times when we had arguments.

Sorry for this post, I just wanted to vent out somewhere Sad


12/06/2011 07:01 AM
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I'm sorry for the tragic loss of your friend recently. No need to feel sorry for posting. We all need somewhere to vent our feelings and pain. Loosing someone is devestating and finding people who understand what it's like is important. There are so many emotions and feelings to grief. Fearing our own mortality often comes along with the loss of someone we knew and cared about. It's normal what you feel and good to share these feelings. It takes quite some time to heal from a loss but with some good support in your life, you can make it. Share anytime. We know the pain of grief here. Rachele

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