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10/02/2011 07:22 PM

the loss of my children

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I am...three years down the road. My son died in family car accident in which I was hurt. I hurt everyday. I remember every moment, i have ptsd and am depressed still. I know, when my first daughter died, many years ago, that I made it through, but now with my son gone too, there are so many complications to ' just ' grieving. I cope, and sometimes do get some things to care about. but oh my goodness, if anyone told me it would still hurt so much three years later, I would have felt totally bereft. I am hoping for some sun someday.

10/06/2011 06:24 AM
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Hi Shinehope, I'm terribly sorry for your losses. No one ever want to bury a child let alone both your children. That's a pain no one could ever prepare for. How does one heal from such losses? I don't know if we ever totally heal but rather learn to go on and live the best we can. Our loved ones leave lasting footprints on us. Those are what we cary each day as sad as it may be they are not physically hear with us but forever remembered in our minds and hearts. Grieving is what I have found to be daily process I've come to accept. Didn't ask for it but it's hear with me. Warm caring hugs to you. Hope we can continue to share and be a support to one another here on this group. Rachele

Footprints in our lives

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