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08/29/2008 04:25 PM

my uncle died


My uncle has been batteling cancer for a while now. About three months I got a call saying that he was not doing so good. I didnt think much of it, But I guess I should have. I got a call a little while ago. The cancer won, like always, cancer always wins. He passed away! I am so numb right now. i can't cry or anything. I am just so outta it I guess.

08/29/2008 05:01 PM

Things do get so surreal at first. Know we are here when you need us. I am so sorry for all your losses. Cancer can be hard to beat. With time things will get better. take things one day at a time. Here is a hug to let you know I care. hugs


08/30/2008 07:25 PM
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So sorry for the loss of your uncle. Numbness is a normal reaction within the first 3 months or so following the loss of a loved one. Kind of feels like you are going on automatic for a while. Many of us here know the feeling. I felt it when my mom died too. Thinking of you, Rach.

09/01/2008 06:30 AM
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Sometimes it seems no matter how much we prepare we are never ready for when it happens. Big comforting hugs to you

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