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04/21/2010 05:54 AM

Another loss in my life.

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As several of you know i have

done alot of caregiving and

one was to my dearest friend

of 36 years. this week has

been hard as his Mom started

to decline she just gave up.

She passed on the 19th. I

have known her since I met

Roger 40 years ago. Hard

to believe. I ask for

prayers for the family to get

through this week. Not to

many from my past left now.

I have good news on my

personal health front.

I dont have to go back to see

the liver spec for six months,

my levels are in normal range

and meld score was holding fast

at 11 which is good.



04/21/2010 10:49 AM
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I am sorry you have to face another loss. You, Roger, and his family are in my prayers.


04/21/2010 12:13 PM
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ANN so sorry that loss has come to you and your family again. Very sad when we see someone we love give up the will............

I am pleased to know you are maintaining your health my friend!


04/21/2010 04:46 PM
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Thanks hon. Roger passed on in 06. on the 24 of april.

She was 88 and tired. I know if his widow could have

taken care of her she would still be with us because

she took her places and when she would say she didnt

want anything she would go to ponchos a mexican buffet

and get her a chili releno sp? enchilada, and sopapillas.

and she would eat. Her granddaughter kat and her ex daughter

in law tammie wouldnt go to the trouble if she said she

wasnt hungry they would say ok and go eat in front of her

things they knew she couldnt stand to eat. It was awful.

I am glad she has crossed over and not in that situation

anymore. She will be missed. She was a heck of a lady.


04/22/2010 08:38 AM
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Hi Ann, sorry to hear for yet another loss. Sometimes I think people have just had enough are find they are ready. Sounds like you thought highly of her and knew her a long time. Yes, she will be missed by you and others.

So glad to hear the good news of your health. What a relief it must be for you. Big hugs, Rachele

04/25/2010 06:00 AM
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HI Rach,

Yes she will. A special lady indeed.

Thanks we are so blessed that everything

with me seems to be falling into place.

Have grandkids here love and hugs to all



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