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02/28/2009 11:14 PM

Mohs surgery followed by Blood Clots

dlove620Posts: 10
New Member

Just wondering if anyone else has had Mohs surgery which lead to blood clots. My basal cell was removed Jan 15 on Feb 5 I had life threatening blood clots travel to both my lungs. When I was registering at the Coumadin clinic which is the drug for blood thinning I met another young girl who had the same Mohs surgery but her blood clot went to the brain.

07/24/2010 03:33 AM
Posts: 14
New Member

I'm so sorry you had that as a result of your Mohs! I hope you are doing well with your treatments. Smile

Now that is just great! Now do I want Mohs Surgery... I have a history of Pulmonary Emboli (blood clots in both lungs) after having a radical hysterectomy...


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